Military Launched Micro Drones Over Alaska Last Summer

Total Insanity as Reported in The Washington Post  – Pentagon Testing Top-Secret Swarming ‘Micro Drones’ That Launch from Fighter Jets

Here’s a scary story: the government’s Strategic Capabilities Office is reportedly testing drones that are capable of swarming together after launching out of a fighter jet. That might sound like something from the future or even a movie like Avatar, but it’s a fact, according to The Washington Post.

The news outlet said the Pentagon began its tests in Alaska last summer where it flew F-18 and F-16 fighter jets equipped with prototype “micro-drones” that were blasted out of flare launchers. They’re bigger than the locusts pictured above, weighing in at about 1 pound each. The jets are reportedly capable of deploying the swarming drones at high-speeds and 2,000 feet off the earth, making the feat even more impressive and scary if weaponized!

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The Pentagon’s secretive Strategic Capabilities Office has been testing micro-drones that can be dropped from moving fighter jets for nearly two years — and for the first time, there is video to show it.

The Pentagon released a 2014 clip of the program’s testing to The Washington Post and allowed the newspaper to photograph the one-pound aircraft in an office setting after the director of the Strategic Capabilities Office, William Roper, agreed to a rare interview. It marks one of the first times that images of the micro-drones have been released, and underscores the unusual ways in which the Defense Department is considering incorporating unmanned aircraft.

Military Launched Micro Drones Over Alaska Last Summer
The Pentagon released this unclassified video to The Washington Post that shows micro-drones being released from an F-16 fighter jet moving at 430 mph. (Department of Defense)

The video released to The Post shows a flare canister falling after being released from an F-16 fighter jet over Alaska. A tiny parachute slows its fall until the canister breaks open, releasing the drone inside. Another video reviewed by The Post, but not yet released, shows the micro-drones flying in packs of at least 20.

[Veil of secrecy raised on Pentagon office planning ‘Avatar’ fighter jets and drone swarms]

The program is named Perdix, after a character in Greek mythology who was changed into a partridge by the god Athena. It costs about $20 million — less than the price of a single fighter jet — and calls for SCO to figure out a way to launch drones from fighter jets, with all the constraints that might entail.

“There are a lot of what would seem like unfuturistic considerations that are the biggest drivers of that program,” Roper said. “It’s not like there’s a trunk in the fighter where ‘Oh, we’ll just put these in the trunk and kick it out.’”

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