Brutal treatment of Citizens by the Government officials, stopping traffic forced to their knees, hand cuffing, guns pointed in their faces and verbal threats.

The supposed ‘Terrorists’ at the Malheur refuge offered coffee and cookies to residents!

One small voice in Burns Oregon, citizens interviewed  outside the Malheur refuge. Held by Robert LaVoy Finicum (who was ambushed, driven off the road and and killed)  and the Bundy’s on behalf of the Hammond family, due to the Government/BLM land grab that is occurring all across the US. I am trying to get the word out for the locals that live and work in Burns Oregon. 


President Obama campaigned on CHANGE and this is what we got.

2 thoughts on “Interviews of Burns Oregon Residents – Recent Federal Police State – Hammond Rancher

  1. Sad to hear about the problems out there, this is one sad planet. The powers that run this planet are truly evil, i found out the secret of 33rd degree Freemasons recently at it all adds up. God bless.

  2. Oregonians need to challenge the jurisdiction of the “Law enforcement officers” . A Californian has discovered that the California Highway Patrol does NOT have any Oaths of office registered with the Secretary of State,making them all illegitimate ! Story 071 & 072 Here;

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