Pharmaceutical Cartel Cashing in on Your Ignorance of Ancient Healing

Pharmaceutical Cartel Cashing in on Your Ignorance of Ancient Healing

The NWO Pharmaceutical Cartel  does not  want YOU to know about our rich healing heritage.

Richard Sacks, Host brings to light our Ancient Healing heritage.
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Independent holistic health scientist since 1965
Essene teacher and consultant
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Project Launch

If you’ve seen recent issues of the Weekly Focus at, you’re probably aware there is a big project in the works, which has been in the planning stages for many years. Lost Arts Research Institute, a separate legal entity from Lost Arts Radio, has just been given official status by IRS as a non-profit public charity. That means that all donations to Lost Arts Research Institute are 100% tax deductible. And Lost Arts Research Institute will own and run the project that is about to start, with a major physical facility in the United States.

The purpose of the project will be to bring back ancient wisdom in health and consciousness, into the real world we live in today, so that people can again learn how to regain and maintain physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health, using natural means within their own control, which are low in cost and have amazing results on many levels of their lives. The entire physical center will be designed and built to offer not just direct teaching of how to accomplish a transition to a much more energized and conscious level of life, but also an immersion experience in what this will feel like first hand.

We will also invite those in positions of power within government and global corporations to share in the experience, and we are beginning to communicate directly with some of them now. The Institute will not advocate fighting against anyone. Instead it will demonstrate and teach an entirely different level of conflict resolution worldwide, by reminding those playing the destructive roles, that they have taken on these roles forgetting who they really are, which they once knew long ago. We will reach them with a power much greater than most of them are aware of now, with an experience that will not be forgotten, motivated by a level of Love that is often talked about, but rarely experienced.

Old and wise protocols of physical rejuvenation, that can work well today, will be a starting point. This is because when the problems of the physical body are reduced or removed, the real work of consciousness renewal and self-awareness become easier. And it is also true that any complete course of physical healing always contains the beginning elements of consciousness expansion, which is done at the same time. The physical body is immediately affected by the mental and emotional patterns we hold onto and play internally every day.

The Center will conduct such immersion and teaching experiences on site, but will also offer online events such as seminars, workshops and more, in the virtual format, to reach audiences worldwide.

Almost all of the potentially lethal problems that threaten life on Earth at this time are actually being generated intentionally by a small number of controllers at the top of the power structure, doing their work through millions of servants, most of whom actually believe they are doing good work, and have no actual understanding of what they are doing or whom they really work for.

Lost Arts Research Institute will endeavor to reach those people and give them a completely new experience that we think will change their entire perspective on life. That way, these people can become powerful allies of humanity, and can do a lot of good from within their positions in the power structure.

The truth is that each one of us, regardless of our circumstances or position, age, economic status, etc., has the potential to help in a very big way, to avoid the deadly future our leaders are pushing us toward as fast as they can. To help change the course of history for the better, it is necessary for each of us to reconnect to deeper levels of ourselves and where we came from. Accomplishing that will make us vastly more effective in whatever positive work in our lives and the world we may choose to do, regardless of which issues we choose to focus on. No matter how noble the issue or cause may be, we cannot do it justice functioning at superficial levels of self-awareness. The level of consciousness we are willing to work for and attain, will determine the results we will be able to get in our lives, and how long-lasting those results will be.

So this will be the work of Lost Arts Research Institute: to start and encourage waves of deepening consciousness, reconnecting all who choose to accept the offer to deeper levels of themselves and their own forgotten abilities. We will offer the tools and directions to accomplish this to anyone willing to use them. It is safe to offer these things even to those playing the roles of “bad guys,” because at the levels where the real power is accessed, it can only be reached and used, when the inner state of the person is based on unconditional Love. No one else can get there until they make this change, and there is no way to pretend and get in without it being real. Our top level controllers know this, that it is the weak link in their plans of destruction. So their strategy is to separate us completely from any real awareness of who we are or what we could do, before we discover and make use of this access to our real strength. We will welcome them to consider a course far more beneficial for them (and for us).

Up until now, my own research work in these areas has been going on with no connection to money. But now to take the project to the next level, beyond the realm of mere theory and experience for a few, will be expensive. Any of our friends who have the means are invited to donate to Lost Arts Research Institute, and claim the newly available tax deduction. Any of our friends who are not in a position to donate, but would like to help us find donors, if you have connections to those who can donate and you let me know about it first, then if the donor is accepted, a 10% finder’s fee will go to you for referring them. For phase one funding of this project, there will be a total of $2.3 million available for finder’s fees. If you have connections to those who have the means and would support the ideas behind our work, it could be worthwhile for you to introduce them to us.

It is an interesting phenomenon that whenever a positive project begins raising money to do their work, many people will react with criticism simply because money is involved. They believe money, or trying to get money for a project, is by definition evil. It is understandable, because the majority of money today is in fact making worldwide destruction of all life possible. But the money is only a tool, and can be used to accomplish harm or massive good. That is the idea here. If you have the means, or connections to people that do, who might support what we mean to accomplish, help us make this happen. It will become one more powerful force for good, to reach and reverse the common root of most of the issues of concern today, with an overall approach that I have not seen in use anywhere up to now.

Thank you for being part of the Lost Arts family, you are deeply appreciated.

Richard Sacks, Host
Lost Arts Radio
independent holistic health scientist since 1965
Essene Teacher and Consultant

Pharmaceutical Cartel Cashing in on Your Ignorance of Ancient Healing