At the Royal Society of Chemistry Headquarters in Piccadilly we had very a productive day with the Governments plans to take control of the earth’s climate.

Most of us got our chance to ask the Geoengineering sales people a question or two and  Attending Lorraine Surringer, Terry Lawton, Brenda Johns, Marco Fakin, Cassandra Scott, Harry Rhodes and Olga Raffa.

Harry Rhodes – Two scientists were sitting next to me, one left one right and I passed each of them my weather modification scientists book and US spending budget with signatures from Congress in it and it blew them away! They admitted Alan Robock was lying! Result!

World Meteorological Organisation 2012 report on 42 countries engaged in full time weather modification activities:…

50 years of Climate Engineering;…

Climate engineering programs NOAA :………

Guarenteed perfect weather on your wedding day :…

Solar Radiation Management Conference:

Global warming quotes from world leaders and politicians :…

United Nations 500 Climate Laws :…

Duncan Stewart and his RTE cohorts deceiving the unsuspecting people of Ireland with their insidious agenda:…

Climate Engineering Conference London – 22 March 2016

Climate Engineering Conference London – 22 March 2016

Climate Engineering Conference London – 22 March 2016

Climate Engineering Conference London – 22 March 2016



Climate Engineering Conference London – 22 March 2016


2 thoughts on “Climate Engineering Conference London – 22 March 2016

  1. Thank you Terry Lawton and Crew! Everything you stated is the TRUTH! People need WAKE UP to what is going on. It is going on out my window as I type, as of last May has turned into everyday now. There are no words to describe how this makes you feel when you are aware….Every living thing needs the Beautiful Sun and vitamin D. I cannot put into words how I feel. I will not try. Just know you are loved and supported from this side of the World and we all have to stand and do absolutely everything we can to STOP this Genocide. We are all in this together and all ONE…God Bless you all….Sincerely, Samantha

  2. Of all the protest’s going on today , they should be on the flight lines and air ports these jets are flying to and from ! Most people think something is not right , people have ” woke up ” , but the silent government still avoids us citizens while Obama writes another check of American Tax Payers money to the Climate Change Agenda , and pledges another three billion dollars , all we can do is look up at the spraying over our heads ! and for the last 20 years as the United Nations takes over all our land , pushes Social Justice , removes Private Property and our Constitutional rights as a sovereign notion , our Bill of Rights and Opens our borders for a One World Government . If we fight back , we are subject to violence from harsh agencies . If you look at William J. Clinton’s executive order # 12852 you will see these last four Presidents have created ” Treason ” to all America and every patriot that gave their life since the beginning ! Every jet you see spraying over your head is , Global Communism

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