John Knox Marks of a Program – Schedule

John Knox Marks of a Program - Schedule

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  1. I have noticed this in my skies as of late.. I have noticed that when we have clear skies in early hours in north Florida as of late February and through the month of March when noonish time rolls around the clouds start showing up around and in front of the sun.. I’ll go outside around 11:00 am and I’ll see planes flying near the area of sky by the sun with trails spraying behind them.. Then also I’ll see heavy spraying of chemtrails around 5:00 pm till sunset.why is this? I’ve seen more halo’s and sun dogs around the sun lately then I never used to see… Sorry I’m no spring chicken.ive seen many skies in my lifetime and none like I ever recall as of the last year

  2. WHHHHHYYYYYYYYYYYY are some people just seeing these chemtrails? Why have so many been in denial for so long? Glad they are noticing, but if we don’t work quickly it will be too late to save ALL life on our planet! Thousands of people are working to develop lawsuits, and question our world governments, our world (so-called) scientists and demand answers. If I have been seeing this for AT LEAST 20 years, and the particulates (toxic chemicals and heavy metals) will stay in our skies for at least as many years, and that which has fallen to the ground is KILLING ALL LIFE, we MUST demand that we are heard, and demand a response!!!!! WHAT WILL IT TAKE? HOW MUCH LONGER WILL YOU WAIT? Do you want to know what is in these chemtrails that cover our skies and fill the oceans? There is plenty of valid evidence, REAL science, and the history of what this is, who is doing it, and why it is being done. TIME IS NOW TO SPEAK OUT! EPA won’t reply, government won’t reply, scientists won’t reply! Research last years COP21 Climate Conference in Paris. Look up the IPCC (International Panel on Climate Change) and find out who these “scientists” really how, how they are profiting and what the agenda really is! We no longer have a say as to what is done to our sky! Are you gonna accept that? DEMAND answers about CARBON TAXATION, and SOLAR RADIATION MANAGEMENT! ALL Life is at stake! PLEASE WAKE UP TO THE FACTS!

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