Graphic Images of Chemtrail Synthetic Biology Replicating In Our Body!!!

Synthetic Biology Replicating In Our Body!!! – Follow up Post

By Suzanne Maher | Bye Bye Blue Sky |

Graphic Images of Chemtrail Synthetic Biology Replicating In Our Body!!!

Check out this follow up post from a RN – excellent presentation!!

Thanks to a friend of mine in Spain who shared this photo library after doing Tony Pantelleresco’s anti nano bucket (see video below and instructions  and anti nano bath for about 2 weeks every day.

These are self replicating, self repairing and self assembling nano technology that is being sprayed on us via the chemtrails and in the GMO food’s. This defacing our immune system, sucking out our iron, and killing us in a deliberate attack on humanity; a bio weapon changing what it means to be human.

I encourage everyone to do Tony’s nano bucket. I have been doing it for approximately 6 weeks now, although I don’t yet have a scope I am seeing the bio film, the crystalline structures and dots come out when I do this detox.  Please visit the Nano/Morgellons section on this website for more information on how to make an anti nano bucket.

We are in a fight for our lives folks.

Carnicom Morgellons

Graphic Images of Chemtrail Synthetic Biology Replicating In Our Body!!! Graphic Images of Chemtrail Synthetic Biology Replicating In Our Body!!!

Graphic Images of Chemtrail Synthetic Biology Replicating In Our Body!!!

Graphic Images of Chemtrail Synthetic Biology Replicating In Our Body!!!


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10 thoughts on “Graphic Images of Chemtrail Synthetic Biology Replicating In Our Body!!!

  1. I have had some success using an ionic foot bath machine… Seeing how Skizitgesture believes that the feet are used as a major infestation point, I think this is a good idea. THE problem, as I see it, is this: Even if you somehow manage to get totally free of these diabolical hybrid entities, you will be good to go only until you breathe your next breath or two as these things are everywhere.

  2. This message is very invouraging to me and I have been enlightened in so many ways. I have been following the chemtrail Saga and was wondering how we could possibly rid ourselves of all of the poisons they are purposely releasing in the air for us to breathe and to accumulate. Sharing your information is very appriciated and I hope more and more people start to pay attention to this emergency situation, of humanity being under attack and stop the ones doing it. It is quite scary that they are spraying the masses of humanity and they now know we know, and it has to be treated as “crimes against humanity”.

  3. the problem with the “crimes against humanity” idea is that the ones who would handle this are the very ones behind the whole thing… To expect them to indict themselves, much less prosecute themselves is insanity….

  4. Re: Terry What I am about to say requires you to forget everything you know. I agree with you that trying to get rid of Morgellons is like trying to bail out a leaking boat. The way I see it everyone on earth technically already has Morgellons disease from all the chemtrail spraying that has been going on for at least a decade. The sprayed fibers that carry the nanobot payloads install the BioApi mind and body control interface. The ones that do not exhibit Morgellons symptoms had a successful installation of the BioApi, and the ones that do exhibit the symptoms was from the interface installation going haywire. If you are Mogellons symptom free all you need to do is try to keep acting “good” so the control program does not initiate Morgellons symptoms. That and to detox from the poisons that comprise the rest of the chemtrails spraying. All of this has been told to us in the movies. Thank you for practically all of this information.

  5. Arthur – if I recall, the dataasylum site is the one that details the taking over of the bodies synapsas process with an artificial network – right? I remember reading that a couple of years ago and it scared the %$@* out of me. Now it seems that my left eye is focusing differently than my right one which seems to indicate that dataasylum’s theories about THAT is also right on the money. I don’t want to believe this, but it seems that I have no choice..

    1. Terry-That is interesting you already heard about the Data Asylum website. Yes, you have it in a nutshell what Data Assylum is describing though I would add it is the taking over of the brain’s synapses that control the mind and body because I do not think the body has synapses just the brain. I think one eye focusing independently of the other is an example of Phase 2 BioApi body control. But, I do not know if that per se means you are actually under Phase 2 control, maybe more indications could be found to find out for sure. Maybe the website could help you find out more or maybe you might want to email John Smith the websites author. John has a link on his website for emailing questions.

      1. Arthur – I tried emailing him when I initially found the site. To his credit. he does admit that he rarely checks his emails, much less answers them.. I don’t know what phase I am experiencing but I can tell you this – what I am extracting from my body looks nothing like what others are posting images of . If you happen by my youtube channel (google terracer’s youtube) you will see what I am talking about. I have over two Tb’s of images – both still and video – of these things. I have captured fibers growing out of the walls of my home, fibers off my socks, a brand new roll of paper towels, etc..etc… Whatever this stuff is, it is EVERYWHERE…

        1. Terry – That is an interesting Morgellons Fibers YouTube channel you have, and it looks like you do have some unusual images of them. That is really strange about fibers growing out of things around you as I never heard of that. I do not know how that could happen as it seems the fibers needs a human host. In your latest Morgellons video you said you were not sure what Morgellons is. But, it is pretty clear that it is a genetically engineered nano technology bio weapon. Stanford university holds a patent on it And it is called Micro Dust Weaponry in this leaked NASA document International Advocates for Health Freedom discusses the patent here Skizit Gesture’s YouTube channel has a lot of Morgellon’s videos also.

          You might want to try again emailing Data Asylum because he responds pretty timely to all my emails like in two days, and never has said anything about not reading his email. I last emailed him at the beginning o f the year.

  6. Terry-Post Script. After you mentioned Morgellons Fibers growing out of your walls I searched and found this YouTube by bulltexan1 called “Morgellons self growing wall web 1.” This also does not look like Morgellons fibers I have seen before, but I believe the video is authentic because the structures and the crystalline appearance looks like a form of Morgellons fibers to me. I guess Morgellons does not need a human or animal host to grow, but can do so drawing what it needs from the environment, maybe from the electromagnetic smog all around us e.g. cell / Gwen towers, etc.

    1. First of all. THANK YOU for investing precious time and energy in addressing me individually – I can’t get this good a response from most doctors I’ve seen! Not to mention the correct information… OK… Skizitgesture and I spent some time together a few years ago – Several things came out of this, one being a video she made using my images exclusively. I would provide a link to it but she seems to have taken it down… I don’t know . She told me that I was “the most fully infected” morgellons victim she had ever seen. I tend to agree… Hindsight being 20/20, I now realize that I had some of the symptoms going on in twenty years ago – if that’s possible.
      I love Skiz – she’s a good person trying to do good things… she is also a TI, so she lives with this stuff on a daily basis. I owe her alot…
      I did a video on the fibers infesting my home..”Morgellons – Thoughts and Theories”
      If you would, please watch this video and give me your thoughts. I have been finding clutches of strange spherical “eggs” on the ceilings and walls of my metal patio awning. Under microscopic examination, these structures appear to contain the ole faithful bronze and blue banded morgellons fibers. I have many more images other than the ones in that video…
      The fibers growing out of the walls appear to be empty shells… like the organism outgrew it, emerged from it and left it sticking out of the sheetrock.
      YES, this is a bio-weapon. I couldn’t agree more.. I have had many arguments with so called experts on morgellons who accuse me of “scaring” the newbies who go to message boards with all kinds of questions, trying desperately to find out just exactly what the hell is happening to them. I would want the truth.. actually I DID want the truth when this all became evident to me, and that knowledge has changed every facet of my life. It could be debated as to whether that’s a good or bad thing, but the truth MUST be known.. always… JMHO – thanks again –

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