Got Chemtrail Poisoning? Chemtrail Flu? Call In For Help Now!

Got Chemtrail Poisoning? Chemtrail Flu? Call In For Help Now!

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Got Chemtrail Poisoning?  Chemtrail Flu? Call In For Help Now!

5 thoughts on “Got Chemtrail Poisoning? Chemtrail Flu? Call In For Help Now!

  1. Last summer I began noticing vapor trails from planes. I live in the Central Sierras in California. Now most of our tree are dead in the forest. I have not been sick personally, however, I see more of the chemtrails and more airplanes doing the spray at the same time. We moved here for the fresh air and nature in the higher elevation, I feel
    something is spoiling this pristine area and ruining the ecosystem.

    1. The air doesn’t smell fresh after a rain anymore….the USAF has really screwed things up.

  2. Re: Central Sierras California
    When I visited my sister about two years ago near Auburn in the foothills of the Northern Sierras I thought I noticed the trees were sickly looking and thought it could have been from chemtrails spraying, and now with your post it is another example of this. It is good there is another Michael Murphy film coming out about this.

  3. It is incredible that apparently all of the earth and nature does not mean anything to the elites doing this who must be psychopaths of the highest order. At least there things to rely on such faith in God, spirituality, and disease prevention measures.

  4. The so-called “elites” ARE psychopaths – sociopaths, specifically. They’re Luciferians who sacrifice (torture and murder) infants to young children. And they have been systematically poisoning the ecosphere for decades at LEAST, more likely for nearly a century. They’ve seen to the poisoning of the food and water supplies, medicines – pretty much everything that CAN BE poisoned. And they’re so VERY wealthy that anyone who opposes them too obviously tends to die – “suicided” just lately. Supposedly the “surface population” (we who live on the Earth’s surface) is to be killed off down to leaving 2% or so of the current population as slaves, a food source, entertainment, etc. It sounds like them, and I see no real means of defense.

    They’ve withheld technologies like anti-gravity and energy weapons, mind-control at a distance and many other things from us. These technologies are known to exist, along with zero point and other energy technologies, but use of those would interfere with both the pollution that is one of their goals, and with the profits of the filthy oil industry and others. Ideas for defense? Since they OWN the “Shadow Government” AND the visible government (they BOUGHT the Office of President for a man who was and is manifestly unfit for it and they KEEP HIM THERE despite all efforts to remove him), voting is a total farce. I see no remedy besides a whole-population revolution.

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