Large Volume Aerosol Dumps Could Replace Chemtrails March 2016

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Large Volume Aerosol Climate Engineering Dumps Could Replace Chemtails as Global Weather Weapon

Large Volume Aerosol Dumps Could Replace Chemtrails March 2016

5 thoughts on “Large Volume Aerosol Dumps Could Replace Chemtrails March 2016

  1. Interesting. I just saw some wide bodied aircraft taking off from local municipal airport, as I drove by, the other day. I don’t recall seeing any markings, though I was close enough to have seen them. They looked like C-17s.

  2. Nope. Memphis. I’ve seen low flying cargo planes before. Once low above my house. LOUD! I didn’t think they were operating out of Memphis airport. I thought they were flying over on the way to some military base. These things, three of them that I saw, were taking off from the municipal airport. Thursday last week Three days ago.

  3. Shucks. Here’s the note I made at the time.
    “7:00 PM. Now here’s something. On my drive home some ten to fifteen miles east of the municipal airport, I saw a low flying C-17 tanker approach, as if it had just taken off from that airport. I thought that was odd. I didn’t know military planes used that airport. The doubt was removed as I drove further, coming along side the airport and saw another C-17 taking off. Fairly close. And then, after dropping off a passenger near the airport, I saw yet another C-17 taking off. It flew in a long circular path, south, then west, then north. And it did not climb very far before I lost sight of it. Couldn’t have been more than 5000 feet. I was surprised that it flew so low for so long. Now I have seen C-17s in the area before but never this many at the same time, nor have I seen them at the municipal airport before. I wonder what is going on. There is a weather system approaching, one that brought snow to Reno. It was probably a result of engineering. Perhaps these planes are prepping to operate upon this approaching front.”

    I guess something was going on, huh.

  4. We’ve been having more frequent military (and possibly FEMA) aircraft flying over these days. I figured they were going to gear up for yet another war. I have noticed that before a rain, we get these smelly nasty chemtrail vapors floating down, I just went outside again and smelled them (before that I hadn’t smelled anything), then about 20 minutes after that we got a downpour. I couldn’t listen to the video, but are they dumping stuff closer to the ground now?

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