Synthetic Biology Replicating In Our Body!!! – Follow up Post

The Morgellons and Artificial Intelligence Connection

Nanoworms and other patented organisms invading the bodies of all living creatures!

Kandy Griffin Vandawalker delivers an eye opening deep dive into the world of Nano technology and how it is being used to interface with the human organism to manipulate, control and attempt to transform our natural/organic nature.

Follow up to this post: Graphic Images of Chemtrail Synthetic Biology Replicating In Our Body!!!

One thought on “Synthetic Biology Replicating In Our Body!!! – Follow up Post

  1. This lecture is a veritable overload of information that is so critical for all of us to understand. We are at a huge disadvantage when it comes to nanotechnology and genetic engineering. Who would’ve ever believed that this “future tech” would be weaponized and used against humanity? It would behoove us and every one of us to listen to this video over and over again, legal pad and paper in hand, and try and grasp not only the significance of this, but the inner workings of our bodies and exactly how the enemy is attacking them. THANK YOU for posting this! (perhaps we will bump into one another in the FEMA camp red list line at some point in the future)

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