Sparks Fly as Phosphate Mining Proposal Divides North Florida Communities

Sparks Fly as Phosphate Mining Proposal Divides North Florida Communities

Sparks Fly as Phosphate Mining Proposal Divides North Florida Communities

  • UF Professor, Nasser El-Shall is lead researcher for Jack E. Hazen and HPS Enterprises, LLC  (SUNBIZ)
  • Nasser El-Shall has reportedly worked for MOSAIC Mining.  Note: Mark E. Kaplan, Senior Vice President for Public Affairs served as Chief of Staff to Florida Governor Jeb Bush  (MOSAIC)
  • Cargill is one of the world’s leading producers and marketers of concentrated phosphate and potash crop nutrients and owned 2/3 of the shares of The Mosaic Company until 2011.(Source)
  • A review of industrial innovations in phosphate processing – Nasser El-Shall.  This article provides the basis for improvements in phosphate mining.

4/22 -WCJB:  Phosphate Mining Operation Moves Forward:  Bradford county staff confirms a site plan has been filed for the three thousand acre project near Brooker.  “I was shocked,” Brenda Thornton said after witnessing the Bradford county commission meeting Thursday night. Emotions boiling over during that meeting, sheriff’s deputies escorted people from both sides out.  The commission will hold a workshop Friday, April 29(More)

4/4/2016 FCN Report on Phosphate Mining Proposal

BELOW: Dr. Steve Pieczenik warns  Bradford County Officials of phosphate mining health dangers. Complete video of 26 citizens comments beginning at 9:42 (click here)

Stakeholder, Jack Hazen claims University of Florida Professor Hassan El-Shall  backs him up that phosphate mining will be “environmentalist friendly” and “will be different than what they’re doing in other parts of the state”.

Phosphate Mining in Florida, and What you should know about Phosphate even if you are elsewhere

Apr 14, 2016 by Cheng Liu (Youtube)

I made this video of Mycol Stevens paddling down New River and talking about the proposed mining along its banks. New river is a major tributary to Santa Fe River and then Suwanee river… What’s the impact on the springs and aquifer? on the farms and people of Alachua county? Please Join Citizens Against Phosphate Mining in Union-and-Bradford-Counties.

“A growing body of literature explores the recent rise of the American passion for lawns. Clearly this peculiar cultural development was only possible after internal combustion-powered lawn mowers, industrially fixed nitrogen, and potent pesticides became available.” – Jack Putz, PhD –  Plant ecologist at the University of Florida.(Article)

Even if mining is far from your backyard, more people need to know what Phosphate is really about. Florida has 27 mining sites with the smallest one digging 5,000 acres and the largest 100,000 acres, totaling over 490,000 acres. Such intensive and destructive practice is less known than Fracking, maybe because it’s only happening in Florida and Idaho – Florida provides 75 percent of the nation’s entire phosphate supply and 25 percent of the world’s supply… Everybody should know, Phosphate mining is about fertilizer so it has to do with food and lawns for us all. Share the video.

Action items:
1. Sign the Petition…
2. Facebook group…
3. The Wikipedia entry “Bone Valley” is obviously maintained by mining company proponent – check out the edit history. Knowledgeable local please correct it with unbiased information.…

Sparks Fly at County Meeting

Bradford County Commission Phosphate Meeting Blowup
Published on Apr 23, 2016

Big Time Intimidation Factor at Bradford County Commission Meeting. Photos and captions on how intimidation of Dr. Pieczenik.

Looks like Dr. P was ejected for swearing after being threatened by Wayne Davis, who is Jack Hazen’s grandson. Wayne Davis and Eddie Douglas get away with multiple counts of assault and battery against Dr. P and Techbrigade who is videotaping. Meanwhile, one of the commissioners can be heard swearing on tape at 2:18:51 (video below at mark) as he is accused of taking money from the mining company.

Tech Brigade:  Altercation starts about 2 minutes into the video. Republican great American military hero, Steve Pieczenik, (  was forcibly hauled out into the hallway while Jack Hazen and Wayne Davis seemed to be giving orders.  Many commented the police officers and the landowners attend the same church. (1st Baptist of Starke, FL)   It appears the officers were taking orders from the landowners.

Photos show the landowners grabbed the Dr Pieczenik from behind which started the altercation. Obviously, the camera was knocked out of my hand by a guy whose last name is Douglas I am told.

Bradford County citizens deserve much better. Money is such a corrupting influence. Please comment. God Bless!

Julian Hazen Speaks at Lake Butler Special Meeting March 4, 2016. Hazen is a Polk County businessman and member of the Hazen family of phosphate mining land-owners.

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Sparks Fly as Phosphate Mining Proposal Divides North Florida Communities
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  1. In 1974 I was in high school at Lakeland Senior High . My best friends father Mr Johnson was the safety director at a phosphate plant in Polk county. One summer I got a job there and worked for approx 2 weeks . The reason I quit was because I got boil’s all around my ankles and feet from the dust there . I figured at 17 years old I didn’t need that and quit.

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