Chemtrails – Implanting Artificial Intelligence to Prevent Human Expansion of Consciousness

VANCOUVER, BC – Alfred Lambremont Webre interviews Alex Hunter a Vancouver activist known as “Captain Chemtrail” because of his command of the full range of the covert technology of chemtrails to terraform Earth and humanity into a remote controlled species commanded by a Controller Matrix and in turn by AI Artificial Intelligence.

A Planetary Emergency “MayDay” Call

Key points if you don’t have the time to listen tothe 2 hour + interview:

32:00:00 – Chemtrail truth activists are not telling the brutal truth and at 1:32:00

51:00:00 – Hunter is thwarted by main stream chemtrail activists

Chemtrails - Implanting Artificial Intelligence to Prevent Human Expansion of Consciousness
Alex Hunter’s advanced military oral biochip

1:05:00 – Talks about the advanced biological military pathology in roof of his mouth which is frequency activated

1:20:00 – DNA terraforming agent in chemtrails is Morgellons, transforming DNA – RNA for AI (artificial intelligence) entrainment by super computers with Chemtrail Nanobots.

1:45:00 – In discussing solutions during the interview, Alex Hunter and Host Alfred Lambremont Webre discuss how the US Department of Defense intervened after Oct. 2001 to force the evisceration of HR 2977, introduced by former Rep Dennis Kucinich (D-OH) and designed to ban chemtrails and all new physics principles DEW weaponry of Transhumanist Agenda and AI Artificial Intelligence.


In this exclusive May Day [May 1, 2016] interview with’s Alfred Lambremont Webre, Alex Hunter issues a planetary emergency “MayDay” call and launches a new community-based and globally aware program to halt chemtrails and in the process save help Earth and humanity from DNA extinction to an AI Artificial Intelligence DNA-based, Soul-less species.

Chemtrail – Nano Detox Bucket & Bath – Here

Among the topics Alex Hunter covers in this interview showing that Chemtrails play a vital role in technetronic, genetic, AI Artificial Intelligence, and planetary terraforming warfare in that Chemtrails:

  • “deploy ‘smart’dust/nanotech which enables the criminally insane cabal to target political people, groups, populations or any combination therein via the technetronic/’smart’grid
  • “deploy trace amounts of chemical, biochemical, biological, advanced biological and genetic warfare which can then be triggered and/or exacerbated/multiplied to a near fatal or fatal level in the desired target(s) in whichever combinations they so choose.
  • “the aggressively accelerated and upgraded deployment of chemtrails, ‘smart’dust. ‘smart’meter, ‘smart’grid and biochemically addictive ‘smart’ technologies worldwide
  • “the role of weaponised mediSIN, Vaccinations of mass destruction (see, the medical mafia and the techniques used to weaponise our family members, clan and coiuntryfolk against us via the pre and particularly the post secondary educational system including but in no way limited to self entitlement, indoctrination/entrainment, brainwashing, vocational compartmentalisation, mind control and in many cases blackmail and terrorisation to keep the minions playing their respective vocational roles in the machine currently culling and controlling Humanity.
  • “the development and transfer of the MK Ultra behavioural sciences, techniques and technologies into the GWEN, TETRA, WiFi, telecommunications, ‘smart’meter and electrical power ‘smart’grid
  • “Delphi Technique, Consensus Creation, Tavistock/Common Purpose and other such constructs and techniques of social control which exploit our tribal instincts to be “popular” and to belong to the majority and how I have been subsequently labelled “negative, apocalyptic, depressing and (now) pushy” for telling the Brutal Truth about the diabolical NWO Agenda and all of these subsequent mechanisms, technologies and techniques that get all of us/those around us targeted and processed for reporting on them

MayDay! Adopt & Enforce the Model Statute to save the Earth and Humanity at the Local, Municipal, State, Provincial, National, Federal, Regional, & International level.

In discussing solutions during the interview, Alex Hunter and Host Alfred Lambremont Webre discuss how the US Department of Defense intervened after Oct. 2001 to force the evisceration of HR 2977, introduced by former Rep Dennis Kucinich (D-OH) and designed to ban chemtrails and all new physics principles DEW weaponry of Transhumanist Agenda and AI Artificial Intelligence.

A new Model Statute has now been developed banning AI Artificial Intelligence/directed energy technologies to entrain or torture humans


Adoption and enforcement of this Model Statute throughout the world can stop the chemtrails, the Transhumanist Agenda and pathogenic AI Artificial Intelligence.

Chemtrails are an attempt to prevent human consciousness expansion into Unity Consciousness

One insight that emerged as well is that Chemtrails are an attempt to prevent planetary holographic teleportation from a time space duality consciousness “I win-You lose” 3rd density to a Unity Consciousness Love-based 4/5th density that is beginning with the initiation of a new 25,800 year “Great Year” or “Yuga”. Estimates for the beginning of these new cycles ranges from December 21, 2012 to 2025 and beyond. Expose Chemtrails and Chemtrails will fail. Density Ascension is underway and inevitable.

Alex Hunter on FaceBook:

Dr. Carley:


This is the type of nano technology they are implanting in our bodies of the back of Tesla technology.

Called “Teslaphoresis” self assembly at a distance of nano tubes which string together and form wires by themselves under an electrical field.

If you begin a detox such as Tony Pantalleresco’s anti nano bucket


3 thoughts on “Chemtrails – Implanting Artificial Intelligence to Prevent Human Expansion of Consciousness

  1. Silent weapons being used in a quiet war waged against humanity may leave GMO food activists unaware of chemtrails; chemtrail activists unaware of peonage or debt slavery; others may be unaware of mass surveillance morphing into police states, Fukushima cover-up, vaccine violence, Wi-Fi silent killing fields, deliberate false flag events, pedophilia, loss of human and property rights under UN Agenda 21 and 2030 disguised as sustainable development, silence to government Public Notice is implied consent, the oath of all Bar Association licensed Attorneys is to the Jesuits’ Crown Temple [military arm of the Catholic Church] and NOT we the people, global climate change exacerbated by stratospheric aerosol geoengineering/chemtrails, and HARP heating the ionosphere will likely usher in global governance, and a carbon control matrix with endless taxes and rationing of utilities.

    What’s the point? United around a common purpose we are empowered to defeat the cabal. Divided we are vulnerable, dis-empowered and likely to repeat the pattern of former civilizations who went to extinction because they failed to analyze mistakes of the past to avoid repeating them.

    One way to defeat the cabal is to ‘get rid of all man-made laws’ and return to the Creator or God’s laws; do no harm and do not allow others to harm you.

  2. Did you get “order out of chaos” now? Everything you see and hear (other then scripture), is not real – all lies!! So don’t think this Trump thing is any different. As the LORD commands – “Don’t be deceived”! People are too obsessed with tech, which in the end, will make people really sick, and just mentally drained! Word to the wise: “put down the cell phone, laptop, ipod, ipad, for your health’s sake”!

  3. Aloha, enjoyed your recent broadcast of may 1st and felt I would comment upon a few of the many topics discussed. First I’m wondering if you’ve read the supposed authentic transcript taken by a young nurse who became the soul contact of the one surviving crew member of the Rosewell ufo crash of 47, she was the attending nurse for the 509th army. Don’t know how I’ve missed it all these years but digesting even as I write. Compelling really and a nice tie into what you had mentioned about a potential dimmensional change and the powers that are desperately working against it. Mrs McElroy’s communication with the alien Aries supplies us with some rather astounding information. The status quo at present exits as a system that is self perpetuating or at least designed to be. Challenging this is what you and others of similar understanding actual do because it really is through recognizing the matrix our cell doors are unlocked. Frankly they’ve always been open, most of us just didn’t know it.
    There has been for quite some time an electronic grid on this planet and beyond designed to keep us oblivious to the fact we are literally captives here and transplants at that. Then we also have the cosmic influences which are working to awaken humanity to its genesis as well as design potential. To me that means system busting, its inevitable really, ligh and darkness are really rather closely related, their both from source. the entire universe is working in this direction so its not just earth involved. In my mind even though it really is a hologram its played for keeps and there is much at stake. I greatly suspect chemtrails are also attempting to lessen these beneficial cosmic rays which are actually intended to hasten the actual genetic alteration of humans from 2 to 12 strands. This as I understand it was oem stuff from the design shop and later altered to our 2 stranded to serve the purposes of the controllers at the top. Great efforts are being made to thwart all of this and as usual it’s likely to be the regular Jane and Joe that take it in the process. One thing remains certain in my mind, if billy meirs henoch prophecy continues to be fullfilled there will be a serious worsening of conflicts and earth changes and this only if humanity does not alter it’s current course for the better. A substantial order. Godspeed and blessings

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