Google Reports Giant Leap in Search for “Chemtrails”

Google Reports Giant Leap in Search for “Chemtrails”

NASA’s use of “Chemtrails” to describe deployment of chemicals as white lines in the sky has changed everything.

“Chemtrails” is recently revealed to be an appropriate word to describe “climate engineering”.  The term “geoengineering” is confusing when it implies the government is doing something in secret to prevent global warming when the evidence shows the exact opposite.

Google Reports Giant Leap in Search for “Chemtrails”
CLIMATE CHANGE CONSOLE –  Image Credit: David Dees


Chemtrails and electromagnetic directed energies are creating global warming by altering warm and cold weather patterns.

Years ago, activists decided to use “geoengineering” in place of “chemtrails as an attempt to be “politically correct” but this was back in the days before NASA was discovered to use the term “chemtrails” to describe release of various chemicals into the atmosphere.

NASA’s use of Chemtrails to describe chemical lines in the sky has changed everything and validates the word “chemtrails” above “geoengineering” to describe “climate engineering” as a weapon of eco-terrorism. (Source)


Google Searches for “Chemtrails” Skyrocketed Last Month, Highest Ever Activist Post – By Cassius Kamarampi

In April 2016, the Google searches for “chemtrails” reached a higher point than we’ve ever seen.

Supporting the idea that people are researching chemtrails more frequently because they are seeing them more frequently, there seem to be seasonal peaks in the search statistics. You can test it for yourself at Google Trends here.

Google Reports Giant Leap in Search for “Chemtrails”

The highest peaks include:

  • April 2004
  • April 2007
  • June 2008
  • April 2009
  • January 2011
  • January 2012
  • October 2012
  • April 2013
  • April 2014
  • May 2015
  • April 2016

From this we might be able to infer that geoengineering activity took place in spring or winter for the last several years.

The peaks of Google search activity for geoengineering occurred at many of the same points as for chemtrails.”

geoengineering SEARCHES

And here are the results for geoengineering chemtrails.”

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Clifford Carnicom’s 2005 documentary Aerosol Crimes must have been a contribution to the first two spikes.

Google Reports Giant Leap in Search for “Chemtrails”

As we pointed out in “The Geoengineering Escalation of 2016,” we can measure and track geoengineering activity, and we should grip onto that and use that as something we can do about this. Let’s stay active.

We recommend taking pictures of the trails at every single opportunity: track them, make observations, communicate with people and let’s figure out how to deal with this threat to our health and prosperity as the free human beings we should be.

Please share this with as many people as possible.

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2 thoughts on “Google Reports Giant Leap in Search for “Chemtrails”

  1. “Geoengineering” is a biased term that implies that chemtrails and secret aerosol dumps are a benevolent (but secret) scientific attempt to fight global warming and cool the planet – even if the IPCC fails to report it.
    This is why activists should drop “geoengineering” and replace it with “climate engineering” – an unbiased term term that can more appropriately be used to argue chemtrails as a secret weapon that forces global warming or as a secret form of global warming mitigation.

    A website that advertises they are Watching Geoengineering is claiming to be monitoring a secret operation intended to protect the planet from global warming. Does this make sense to you?

    The attached Geoengineering article represents how MSM uses the term “geoengineering” as AGW mitigation.

    Experts Say Geoengineering Strategies to Prevent Antarctic Icce Melt is Flawed

  2. Seems more like they are making everything colder! We keep getting late frosts around here and cool summers. The sun is getting hotter, and when they spray the whole globe with these (depending on which ones of course, since they also create drought with those high altitude spraying) and this decreases the temperature. The sun is getting very hot, and when it’s a nice sunny day they start to spray spray spray. As soon as the sun goes in, the temperature plummets, even in the summertime. They are spraying for many reasons.

    Luckily with this chemtrail crap, it is so bleeding OBVIOUS that you can more easily convince the ignorant average Joe or Jane that this stuff IS HAPPENING. Of course, try to convince them about the WTC towers or Bldg 7, or any other ‘conspiracy theories’, they’ll think you’re insane of course since Faux news or See B.S. doesn’t discuss it, so then of course it Can’t Be True, but chemtrails, oh yeah, you can’t deny that unless you are deaf/dumb/blind.

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