Terry Lawton at Vancouver Chemtrail Summit – Video 1

Terry Lawton at Vancouver Chemtrail Summit - Video 1

Terry Lawton at Vancouver Chemtrail Summit – Video 1 May 7, 2015



2 thoughts on “Terry Lawton at Vancouver Chemtrail Summit – Video 1

  1. We are being depopulated by mass murdering scum who must be held to account and sent to the Hague. Who are the military taking orders from? They are the mindless idiots who are fuel dumping and poising all life form. These degenerates are making millions out of insider trading. Predicting what type of weather you are going to experience in a certain location. This is big business and corporate scum are making billions out of all components and products they require to use against us. They put micro chips in chemtrails and multiple lethal poisons because they are evil, mentally deranged psychopathic monsters. The Global elite have waged war against this planet and humanity and we must make sure that each one of them is held to account and removed.

    They are killing millions of trees millions and bees, food is not growing in the abundance that it should. Lakes, rivers, streams are full of poisons. Marine life numbers are down. All species are under threat. We are controlled by evil, greedy low life mental quadriplegics with a lack of empathy and this is where the problem lies. They are character disordered sadistic, malignant, narcissistic psychopaths.

    Pilots are dying from aerotoxic fumes. Cabin staff go off sick due to Aerotoxic syndrome (Richie Allen has done videos on this problem). This is unacceptable and must not be allowed to continue. Farmers are being forced off the land. Why?

    How many more of us need to die before the dormant population wake up? Stop buying the Daily Mail, Sun, Mirror and all the gutter press. All you get in the British tabloids is PROPAGANDA. The British people are their own worst enemy. They sit back and allow criminals to kill them and say nothing.

  2. I live on Vancouver Island and we witness the aerosol spraying daily and have done so for many years. I wish I had been there at the conference. I have spoken to many people about the spraying and most don’t believe that it harmful and attribute it to contrails. I suspect many are in fearful denial as in surely the government would not allow it. I am pleased to see the increase in awareness of the chemtrail/aerosol spraying problem and the new Canadian website on the issue. All the best to all of you. Jim

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