Cuba Sprays Poison On Its People In Alleged Fight Against Zika

This clip was shared by a friend on facebook.
“This is a video a friend’s mother took of Fumigation for Zika in Cuba last week. Not only is this scary and makes it hard to breathe just watching but this kinda spraying is whats causing birth defects, neurological issues, and yes even diseases NOT Zika! Just take a look and wait about 20 seconds into the video to be shocked! Its just horrifying!!” By YouTuber DAHBOO777


One thought on “Cuba Sprays Poison On Its People In Alleged Fight Against Zika

  1. I notice they’re spraying it right where people drive. Doesn’t seem to be a place where skeeters hang out, does it? Those poor people…first communism and economic sanctions, now this! Then it’ll cause deaths and destruction and it’ll all be blamed on a fake virus that ‘all of a sudden’ comes out of nowhere. Why don’t people start wondering why all these new viruses’ are popping up out of nowhere???

    I’ve been noticing these planes that are flying over, they are going very slow and they are somehow creating an incredibly LOUD vibration. I remember from Mark Purdey’s book “Animal Pharm” that he mentioned his theory about some of the things that set off ‘disease’, one of which was the vibrations from military aircraft from airports taking off and landing, and the presence of munition dumps and debris from WW 1 and 2 in the area.

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