Billboards – Funding to Awaken the Masses Before it is Too Late

You're Being Sprayed Like a Bug - Billboard Atlanta GA Airport Area

Weather warfare is getting out of control – Floods – Drought – No Food – Consider AirCrap Billboard funding to awaken the masses before it is too late. 

Consistent cloud cover, NO SUN (70% reduction – global dimming) allowing for fungus (anti fungal drugs are hot new drug) and Vit D deficiency – rickets- cancer.

3 thoughts on “Billboards – Funding to Awaken the Masses Before it is Too Late

  1. Re: Motorway Billboards

    Bring first class hackers on board such as Anonymous to place alerts on motorway bill boards. Not just the USA but through out the EU and UK too.
    Get it done!

  2. everybody in this world needs to be told the truth in a very simply easily understood and proven way. people who do use the internet will and most likely to remain complelely uninformed.

  3. I’ve talked to family members, co-workers, friends, Nobody believes they’re spraying us with poisonous toxins.. Everyone thinks it’s Conspiracy theories. They think I’m gullible, and tell me not to believe everything I hear or read on the internet. Nobody will listen. Very discouraging.


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