Marriott Hotels Using Chemtrail Art!!!

Marriott Hotels Using Chemtrail Art!!!

Marriott’s slogan for their newly renovated chemtrail rooms reads:
“Inspired by you, who thought all Marriott Hotels were the same.”

Face Book Source: Amanda Danielle

Marriott Hotels Using Chemtrail Art!!!

Marriott Hotels Using Chemtrail Art!!!

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8 thoughts on “Marriott Hotels Using Chemtrail Art!!!

  1. Marriott caters to the Global elites , their ” G ” summits , and their secret meetings ! Same group funding the Geoengineering , or part of it . Chemtrails are for Climate Change Communism , Globally . And Merriott is a high ranking MORMON ! what ?

  2. WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    That is is the most disgusting crap! I think people better be calling/emailing to their head office. I will be!

  3. Here is Marriott Hotels touting their “Corporate Responsibility”….and how terribly “green” they are….yet with their so-called “chemtrail art”, they support POISONING of OUR planet??? Go freakin’ figger!
    Reducing our Consumption
    We recognize our responsibility to reduce consumption of water, waste and energy in our hotels and corporate offices and are focused on integrating greater environmental sustainability throughout our business. We were the first major hotel chain to calculate our carbon footprint and launch a plan to improve
    energy efficiency, conserve water and support projects that
    reduce deforestation.
    We use Energy and Environmental Action (EEAP) plans, our best-practice auditing tool, to help our properties achieve energy and water reduction goals.
    Database and monitoring systems help us track consumption and
    monitor progress against goals.
    • Green meetings and events
    • Developing Green Hotels
    • Working in partnership with the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED�) and the Green Building Certification Institute (GBCI), Marriott is empowering our hotel development partners
    to build green hotels.
    • Marriott has 106 LEED-registered hotels, and 31
    LEED-certified hotels.
    • In 2011, we developed the first LEED Volume Program (LVP) to provide a streamlined path to certification for the hospitality industry through a green hotel prototype.
    • The LEED Volume Program that Marriott offers can save our owners 25 percent in energy and water consumption for the life of their buildings and should recover their initial investment in two-to-six years.
    • Collaborating with Suppliers
    • We have teamed-up with our vendors to provide price-neutral products that conserve energy, reduce and divert waste and are comprised of more sustainable materials. Low-energy light bulbs, showerheads that use less water, ?room-ready? towels, recycled key cards and pens, and biodegradable laundry bags are just some of the products that help our hotels meet our sustainability goals.
    • Marriott is a founding member of the Hospitality Sustainable Purchasing Consortium (HSPC), which measures the sustainability of suppliers and their products through an industry-wide index.
    • We provide guidance to our hotels to encourage sustainability in our kitchens through actions such as purchasing organic and responsibly sourced food, planting herb gardens, sourcing seafood caught in a sustainable manner and recycling cooking oil.

    Inspiring Associates & Guests
    Our efforts are most successful when we create awareness among associates and guests and inspire them to partner with us on sustainability initiatives. We invite our guests and associates to support the environment through everyday actions at home, at work and while traveling.
    Each April, our associates around the world take part in Environmental Awareness month, communicating their environmental commitment, raising awareness and volunteering in local clean-up projects.
    Our brand-specific linen and towel re-use policies give guests the opportunity to join in our water and energy conservation efforts.
    Our event managers are required to complete a certification in “green meetings” and more than 1,000 associates are
    currently certified.

    Supporting Conservation Globally
    To help mitigate the direct and indirect environmental impacts of our hotels, we are investing in a portfolio of innovative conservation initiatives that are part of our “Spirit to Preserve” environmental strategy.
    Marriott has contributed more than $2 million to the Amazonas Sustainable Foundation (FAS) and raised nearly $300,000 through our partners, guests and associates to protect 1.4 million acres of rainforest in Brazil.
    A collaboration between Marriott and Conservation International, Nobility of Nature protects the headwaters of Asia’s Water Tower and assists rural Chinese communities with building sustainable
    businesses that put less stress on the environment

    OMG!! Now that’s talking out of the side of one’s mouth!

  4. You should put a link in this so we can send an email to Marriott Corp and let them know we will boycott their properties as long as they support this negative agenda…

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