Germany and Texas Floods: Proof Both are Entirely Manmade

Germany and Texas Floods: Proof Both are Entirely Manmade

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Last week a National Guard soldier was killed when his vehicle was washed away. Yesterday 5 soldiers were killed (4 still missing) at Fort Hood when their Military Transport was washed away. All of these soldiers are casualties of war that the population still doesn’t know we are in.

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In Germany the worst flooding in 60 years has washed away entire towns as an identical deluge has ravaged that country for a week. Paris, France and other countries in Europe have been deluged as well. As I say frequently, exactly the same assaults happen in almost every country on the planet and after 50 years of ‘boiling (or in this case – drowning) the frog,’ the increase in this broad daylight manufactured weather methodology is incredibly easy for anyone who takes five minutes to understand it to see… yet 99.9% of the population remains completely unaware and constantly at the mercy of this daily reality.

At this point, not only is the reason for this disconnect obvious, it’s infuriatingly redundant for me to talk about. In the last decade as cyberspace and ‘social media’ have become the foundation of ‘consciousness’ and ‘awareness’ in this global society, it has made the cooption and manipulation of that ‘consciousness,’ incredibly easy. The methodology of disinformation and misinformation to keep people distracted from any reality at all has exponentially mushroomed in this ‘social media’ driven environment, and as a result, the population is more meticulously stupefied – than ever before in history.

Just as evaporating water creating clouds is easy to understand, the manipulation of social consciousness is easy to understand as well. Every single day a meaningless misdirection is trumped up (I suppose – pun intended), and is easily made / forced to “trend” (via the massive manufactured artificial social media population).

These daily ridiculous “trending topics” are delivered to puppet mainstream media talking heads (who are equally oblivious to the manufactured nature of these “trending topics”), who report on them – as if they are “real” concerns of the ‘population.’ Thus, the population’s ‘consciousness’ is exposed to and consumed by whatever the daily manufactured distraction is via mainstream media and social media, in the time left over that isn’t consumed by their wage slavery for survival existence. In reality, it’s a very simple formula.

Need and example? On the Today Show this morning – after spending three minutes on the torrential floods and resulting dead soldiers – they spent the rest of the half hour on the ‘Gorilla controversy’ (for the fifth day in a row), Trump calling Hillary names, Trump supporters getting hit with eggs, and the associated manufactured “protest” conflicts (again deliberately fueled on both sides via social media).

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It would be infinitely too much effort and confusion to try to plot the hundreds of power plants sequentially firing water vapor into the air during any given storm system, but I have shown the Power Plant graphic overlay in my recent video named exactly that. You can get a clear idea of what I mean, from that video.

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No Natural Weather: Introduction to Geoengineering 101


2 thoughts on “Germany and Texas Floods: Proof Both are Entirely Manmade

  1. These Climate Communists have already murdered lots of innocent people and have destroyed countries and governments . Then after droughting the selected mass of people they want moved , they hire non government corporations like G4S , to transport illegal Aliens into countries that have no choice in the matter ! They’ve really stepped up the pace because moving millions of people into countries that have money problems , will be overwhelmed and cause collapse . Who ever is giving the orders to Obama , Merkel , Cameron , and the rest , are the New World Order group ! no one knows exactly who they are , but they will be brought out in the open !

  2. It’s quite simple, the only way to protect ourselves (as peaceful protests don’t work, most people are dumbed down and don’t care until they get flooded themselves), is to build Orgone generating devices. This (if many people do it), will bring all this geoengineering to a grinding halt.
    I will explain firstly how their (weather weapons work). The chemicals are sprayed into the atmosphere, all mostly nano sized particulates. These are the plasma screen which they use for many purposes, they use HAARP and Nexrad to beam energies into the particulate to make rain, make the wind etc etc. They rely heavily on static in the atmosphere to hold these nano metal particulates in the air. These are positively charged particles, if we introduce many negatively charged particles in the air (Orgone), then this discharges their static so they become inactive (no weather manipulation, Orgone then introduces natural weather cycles again). At the moment they use wind turbines to create static, and also fracking does the same thing, they pump all sorts of chems and metal particulates into the ground. Your everyday airliner also creates static through its jet engines.
    You can build your own devices, search for ‘climatechanged chem cannon’ to find a website which gives self build documents to make one. This device uses a fan to push air through layers organic and inorganic materials to create vasts amonts of Orgone energy. The more that build these the better and will stop the geoengineering full stop.
    Another device you can build is a water chembuster, a large bin filled with water with as many metal pipes as you can placed inside vertically approx 6 feet tall. Then, you alkaline the water by adding salt to 7-9% PH. The bin lid has holes in it for the pipes to pass through to the water. This device is very powerful and cheap! It works!
    Many other ways to produce Orgone would be water fountains, water features etc.
    How do you know they are working? Birds circling, chemtrails being erased locally, blue sky, bees, butterflies, plants growing like crazy, people less aggressive (less criminal activity), oxygen levels increased as all smog is able to pass into the atmosphere instead of being trapped under their chemical skies, health benefits I could go on.
    Orgone is the answer, I think its too late to try to wake people up to do anything, this way its a peaceful non compliance, a way of actively showing non consent. We can spend a lot of time finding out the tyranny but we need to become active to save our lives, the lives of our children, grandchildren etc…
    In that video above it shows the bombardment of weather in Europe which was neutralized immediately, watch it closely and you will see the truth, many in the UK have the devices I have detailed here, this has saved lives we would have been flooded no doubt, the devices inhibit flash flooding and high winds, I know because I have been extensively monitoring and testing the devices for many years. Its no time to be complacent, they are hell bent on chaos and destruction, so make an Orgone device today and protect your friends family neighborhood, business etc.
    Peace and love to all…

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