Chemtrails, SECRET MILITARY Programs,TRIANGULAR CRAFT w/ Sean Gautreaux

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Why has the military become so focused on …
• Hardened protection for Satellites from the Pentagon and DoD
• GPS Jamming/Testing via China Lake Naval Facility (June 7. 9,21,28, & 30th)
• Earthquake Drills (.e. Cascadia Rising June 7-11, 2016)
• Beefing up Space Fence
• Electronic Warfare testing
• Communications testing (Wireless, internet, cellular data)

Sean’s You Tube channel exposes exotic technology in our skies, such as the stealth triangular, cloaked craft that are sometimes as large as city blocks or more. The videos were recorded in New Orleans, LA. from 2005 to present 2016.

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Interview with Sean Gautreaux

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This interview is an excerpt from original Interview with FM Host of the ZERO POINT SHOW, Clyde Lewis The entire interview can be found here:…

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