In this exclusive segment Ronnie Health Guru Ronnie McMullen joins Gary Franchi to discuss the sharp rise is the U.S. death rate. With fluoride, vaccines, chemtrails, pharmaceutical drugs polluting city water supplies ‘officials’ are mystified with rising death rate. The new US computerized health care system quickly calculates results aerial spraying efforts.

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  1. MIT Professor Stephanie Seneff: “I Have Evidence That Monsanto’s Roundup Causing Cancer!”


    Professor Stephanie Seneff explains that glyphosate is present in vaccines and this is contributing to the high levels of sickness in America.. It’s everywhere. This is out of order and must not be allowed to continue. Any way of starting a fund using parts of the legal system to support this, to hold these monsters to account? Time is running out. I will happily contribute as will so many others who are awake.

    My heart breaks for the people of America, a lot are unaware of what is happening. This is very sad but we must have empathy and do whatever we can to change this.

    The Military must be held to account for assisting the psychopathic global elite in depopulating the people of America and around the globe, as they are the ones fuel dumping. They are deployed in different countries to protect the poppy fields – to protect their dug money. Pilots are dying from aero-toxicity. Why are airlines allowed to get away with poisoning the air on flights causing sickness to the passengers, cabin crew and pilots? They are unaccountable mass murdering scum who must have their power removed.

    They spray the land with carcinogenic agents, everything we ingest is polluted. The degenerate filth with no moral conscience want us all dead. All they care about is making billions of $’s but they do nothing positive with what they steal through immoral earnings because they lack the components to be balanced and decent individuals. They were created to be evil. They are criminal parasites who have an aversion to work.

    We need to stop buying their plastic gadgets and collapse their counterfeit currency and stop taking out loans. Hit them in the pocket where it will hurt as all they care about is more, more, more of our energy in the form of debt slavery. They are never ever satisfied and never will be.

    They are making millions out of weather manipulation/insider trading. So California is in drought because a minority of psychopaths want to make money out of selling them polluted water contained in toxic plastic bottles. This is insane.

    Organic crops are being contaminated by the evil global elite through chemtrailing. We are controlled by a manelovent force that we MUST disconnect from completely if we are to survive as a species.

    Expensive healthcare adds to this problem. Many cannot afford to go to the dentist, another source of ill health. If they do not have quality oral care and are filled with mercury and poor dentistry this is a contributing factor towards poor health.

    Posters like they use in the campaign against the Dog Trade would help in educating people about avoiding sugar and poison ridden carbonated drinks and making their own distilled water to eliminate fluoride and chlorine and all the junk that is added including the toxic plastic bottles the poison drinks are contained in. The importance of including tumeric and saffron in their diet (Dr Russell Blaylock is a good source of health information). The importance of low carbs and low sugar diets with fresh vegetables not junk good. We need ways of making this important information accessible to the masses. Not everyone has access to the internet. The media is controlled by the same parasites who are depopulating us. The newspapers disinform and manipulate and create scenarios to please Rupert Murdoch. This is what they do in the UK. Ian Curtler’s book on the Gutter Tabloids explains this (www.cameraassassin.co.uk). We need to be separate from the degenerates who have enslaved us for centuries.

    They are rolling out thousands and thousands of clones in the USA and China are in the game as well. They want to use robots instead of real people because they are control freaks. They are employing clones instead of humans and the music and entertainment industries are full of dead cloned trannies because they don’t want to pay them a salary. They keep all the money for themselves.



    Our children will not be able to reproduce as Wifi destroys ovaries according to Dr Barrie Trower.

    They have been murdering our precious doctors. Hiring assassins to kill them. This is unacceptable and they must be held to account for this. Why should the rule of law NOT apply to the psychopathic global elite who are mentally insane and evil and do not know how to live on earth and this is why they are a major threat to every living person. There is a Terrorist Threat. They are the Terrorist.

    Anyone who puts Wi-fi in schools should be locked up for the rest of their life…. they are not fit to walk the surface of this planet….
    Dr Barrie Trower.
    Royal Navy Microwave Weapons Expert

  2. Seeing as the most popularly prescribed drug is ADVAIR for asthma or whatever, it’s not a surprise. The mass media will keep lying, saying we’re living longer (ha ha) healthier lives.

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