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June 20, 2016 Richard Sacks – Lost Arts Radio – Free Health Class – Chemtrail – Nuclear Fallout – EMF

June 20, 2016 Richard Sacks - Lost Arts Radio - Free Health Class - Chemtrail - Nuclear Fallout - EMF

Lost Arts Research Institute: Special Communication

Monday 6/20 6pm PT/7pm MT/ 8pm CT/9pm ET at call in number 657-383-1002

To: Groups and individuals concerned about health and environmental damage, being caused by chemtrail spraying/geoengineering programs, EMF, nuclear pollution and other intentional poisoning of humanity by our “leaders”

From: Richard Sacks, independent holistic health scientist and teacher

Dear Friends,

First thank you for caring about the state of our world, and the threats that are facing humanity from many sides.  Chemtrail fallout is affecting all of us worldwide now, including the majority that still do not believe it exists.  Some can actually taste and smell the toxic residues, many are sensitive to some degree, but all of us and the entire biosphere are impacted and harmed.  At the same time, nuclear fallout has reached very high levels, EMF pollution is being intentionally increased rapidly, cell towers and smart meters are proliferating, and thousands of chemical poisons are affecting us every day.  Most of these are coming to us directly or indirectly as a result of intentional programs and weaponized technologies by those who are supposed to protect humanity from these very dangers.  Some we can avoid by lifestyle choices, some we cannot.

For fifty years and more, I have quietly and out of the public eye, conducted my own research and experimentation on how to apply the deeper “laws” or design principles, of nature, that have been taught since long before recorded history, to conditions we face now.  I have gone through many years of trial and error, decoding observed results.  I have paid dearly for mistakes along the way.  Ultimately, I made a lot of progress in understanding how to prevent, and usually reverse, degenerative diseases and what is called “aging,” as well as maximize resistance to infectious disease and other threats to the body.  The tools to do this have been in our hands all the time, in the form of lifestyle choices and changes in consciousness, but we did not know.

If we have the courage to learn and use them now, even under assault by the partnership of governments and global corporations, we can at least buy ourselves time and energy to come up with ways to stop the crimes being continuously carried out against the entire biosphere, and return the world to a more normal condition.  But time is running out, and the attacks on every front are increasing.  Ironically this is because those working toward the destruction of normal life on our planet also feel that their time is limited, and they must finally shut us down before a small critical mass of us become self-aware, and empowered to a level those of negative intent cannot match, in which case the world could actually be healed.

The last 20 or so years of my work, I also included an in-depth investigation of the economic/political power structure that now controls America and most of the world.  I know much of what they have in mind for us in the times ahead, and I don’t want to see it come to pass.  My motive is simple. I want us to find a way to avoid the future planned for us, and all the suffering it involves, for human life, and all life on the planet.

My personal inclination is to remain invisible, to carry on my work, to enjoy seclusion, harmony, nature, and communion with beings of peace and joy (our natural state, as far as I can see).  But I feel the suffering going on all over the planet, and it could become much worse if what is planned is allowed to happen.  So to make a small contribution to our chances for a better outcome, I will openly share what I have learned, with those who may want to use it.

I was asked to start a radio program on health, in the broader sense of the word, and it became Lost Arts Radio (, which can be heard at, Saturday mornings at 8am pacific/11am eastern, via computer or via the number 657-383-1002, which allows just listening or calling in questions.  There is also a show Sunday evenings at 6pm pacific/9pm eastern, generally with guests on a wide variety of health-related topics.  Economics, politics, education and freedom issues are included, as I consider all these to be critical health issues.

The reason I am writing to you now, is that I decided to offer a one-time short, free class covering the basics of what determines our ability to withstand the attacks from chemtrails and the other environmental hazards listed above.  Using this knowledge, you may choose to upgrade your own resistance to these things by natural means.  I will share with you freely what I have learned in this area, if you would like to come to the on line class, either by phone or computer.  The phone lines will be open for questions to the extent our time allows.  Those who want more are invited to the free Q&A call in shows we have on Saturday mornings, and some may also have a chance to work with me privately, one on one, when I have time.  The money charged for those private sessions when they are available, will all go to the Lost Arts Research Institute, to expand this educational work.

Whatever will help us to get through the mess we are in on this planet with the least damage possible, give us ways to improve our energy levels, mental clarity and our resistance to all the dangers around us, so we can have more time to get the real solutions, those things are valuable.  I will share with you the ones I have found in many decades of searching.  Do not expect to hear the normal kind of report from the latest journals or health agencies and their studies.  I have ventured very far outside of that box, and what I have to share is for the brave, those willing to face the biggest challenge to a quantum leap in understanding: ourselves, and our own programming.  I’m here for those that want to change it for the better, starting now.

Free online class: Monday only, June 20th, 6pm pacific/9pm eastern.  Access the class at, or call to listen and/or ask questions, at 657-383-1002.  The regular Saturday morning shows at 8am pacific/11am eastern, and the Sunday evening shows at 6pm pacific/9pm eastern, are accessible the same way by computer, or at the same phone number given above.  International listeners check your time zones to see what these times are for you.  Thank you, and I look forward to meeting you there.

Richard Sacks, Host

Lost Arts Radio

Independent holistic health scientist since 1965

Essene teacher and consultant

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