The Demise of Rainwater

The Demise of Rainwater

The Demise of Rainwater

Clifford E Carnicom

A Paper to be Developed During
the Summer of 2016
(Last Edit Jun 20 2016)

The single most important chemical species in clouds and precipitation is the .. pH value.

Paul Crutzen, Nobel Prize Winner in Chemistry, 1995
Atmosphere, Climate and Change, Thomas Graedel & Paul J. Crutzen
Scientific American Library, 1997

The Demise of Rainwater

An analysis of five rainfall samples collected over a period of six months and spanning three states in the western United States has been completed. There are five conclusions that are forthcoming:
1. The rainfall samples studied portray a smorgasbord of contamination. The contaminants appear to be both complex and numerous in nature.

2. There does not appear to be effective or comprehensive monitoring or regulation of the state of air quality, and consequently, rainfall quality in the United States at this time.
3. The results of the current analysis, utilizing more capable equipment and methods, are highly consistent with those that originated from this researcher close to two decades ago.
4. All reasonable requests or demands by the citizenry for the investigation and addressing of this state of affairs over this same time period have been refused or denied.
5. The level of contamination that exists poses both a risk and a threat to health, agriculture, biology, and the welfare of the planet.

Let us now proceed with some of the details.

We can begin with the pH, i.e., the acid or alkaline nature of rainfall.  Biochemical reactions take place (or, for that matter, do not take place..) at a specific temperature and pH.  If the system or environment for that reaction is disturbed with respect to the acidity and temperature, then the reaction itself is interfered with.  If the conditions depart far enough from what is required, the reaction may simply not even take place at all.  Such is the risk of interference to the acid-base nature of rainfall, upon which all life on this planet depends.

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  1. Conclusion # 4 , in the last four days , there has been night and day spraying of Chemtrails in north California ! the Drought will continue by this ” air force ” until Mr. Trump is President . The Clinton will continue the spraying till the end of the century .

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