Chemtrail Cloud Stamps 2004

Chemtrail Cloud Stamps 2004

Post from the past – Promotional chemtrail stamps certainly are a new level of absurdity in the long-playing Ice Crystal Charades.

We can see that mind-control in this instance is a very simple matter. Merely convince people to use the stamps, and the big lie will automatically take root: “These skies are Perfectly Normal.”

However, despite such devious advertisements, the perpetrators of this mockery cannot after all be too bright. Because obviously they haven’t figured out yet that they and their children are also obliged to breathe.

Diane Harvey

In June of 2004 the U.S. Postal Service will released a new set of Cloudscape postage stamps. These images are startling and thought provoking, as more than half of the cloudscape classifications depicted are visually identical to their man-made knockoffs — the chemtrail cloud formations.

For those of us who are aware of this ongoing covert operation, and who still retain the ability to think and see for ourselves, we must ask: Why the heck would our government issue these stamp designs now?

To answer this question we need to consider the necessity of plausible deniability that surrounds the Chemtrail spraying programs. This program would never have gotten off the ground if it had been limited by environmental law and regulatory processes. So it was conceived as a black-ops project to be carried out in secrecy. And it will remain secret, even if it’s proponents have to brainwash every person on Earth to accomplish it.

These stamp designs are intended to help condition people into thinking that the unusual cloud formations being sprayed above their heads are natural phenomena. Indeed, chemtrail formations do closely resemble their natural counterparts.

Other chemtrail public relation projects include: The constant presence of chemtrails in TV commercials, print media, and feature movies. These are just a few of the ways that they can keep the lid on this volatile topic, in order to continue global atmospheric geoengineering,

Stay tuned, as next year they will be working diligently to convince the sheeple of the United States of Amnesia that the sky has always been white, and that blue skies only exist in our dreams.

Chemtrail Cloud Stamps 2004

Chemtrail Cloud Stamps 2004



The altitude of the clouds in this image descend from the pictures in the top row to those at the bottom. Here are the USPS descriptions of the cloud types:

Cirrus radiatus – translation from Latin Cirrus radiant
Composed of windblown ice crystals, cirrus are fibrous, often wispy clouds that appear in isolated patches or cover large areas of the sky.Cirrus radiatus appear to emerge from the horizon in parallel bands.

Cirrostratus fibratus
Relatively transparent cirrostratus fibratus clouds occur mostly in winter and often produce a halo effect around the sun or moon.Thickening cirrostratus frequently indicate the approach of a frontalsystem.

Cirrocumulus undulatus
Cirrocumulus undulatus are patches or layers of small puffy clouds arranged in patterns. They have a rippled appearance due to wind shear and usually cover only a small portion of the sky.

Cumulonimbus mammatus
Pouch-like cumulonimbus mammatus develop when pockets of air chilled by evaporating droplets or ice crystals sink into dry surroundings under the anvil. They usually indicate the approach or departure of a potentially severe thunderstorm.

Cumulonimbus incus
Cumulonimbus incus, or thunderstorm clouds, form when rapid updrafts within cumulus congestus clouds rise into the upper atmosphere and spread out into mushroom-shaped anvils. Thunderstorms always produce lightning; severe storms may produce heavy rain, large hailstones, or tornadoes.

Altocumulus stratiformis
Small heaps arranged in layers or sheets, altocumulus stratiformis clouds are primarily composed of water droplets and, as depicted here, reflect glorious colors at sunset. If they become thicker during the day, a storm may be approaching.

Altostratus translucidus
Altostratus translucidus, cloud sheets formed by the rising and coolingof large air masses, often precede advancing storm systems. A “watery”sun (or moon) may shine dimly through the thinner sections of the cloudsheet.

Altocumulus undulatus
Resembling ripples on water, altocumulus undulatus clouds result from wind shear-wind speed or direction that changes sharply with height. They may appear as patches or cover the sky.

Altocumulus castellanus
Named for the turret-like protuberances in their top portions, altocumulus castellanus clouds signify unstable air in the vicinity and often indicate the potential for thunderstorms later in the day.

Altocumulus lenticularis
Smooth, almost motionless altocumulus lenticularis clouds resemble lenses and may be iridescent. They often look like UFOs and form in the crests of waves that occur when strong winds cross over a mountain peak or ridge.

Stratocumulus undulatus
Stratocumulus undulatus occur when weak updrafts spread horizontally, creating a layer of shallow, puffy clouds that is blown by strong winds into wave-like formations that lie at right angles to the wind. These clouds seldom produce precipitation.

Stratus opacus
Gray, featureless cloud layers that can spread over hundreds of square miles, stratus opacus, like stratocumulus, are generally composed of water droplets. Stratus clouds occasionally produce drizzle or light snow.

Cumulus humilis
Cumulus humilis-the smallest of the cumulus clouds-have flat bases and rounded tops. Usually wider than they are tall, these fair-weather clouds very rarely produce precipitation and often evaporate as the sun sets.

Cumulus congestus
Strong, buoyant updrafts of warm, moist air in an unstable atmosphere cause cumulus clouds to develop into cumulus congestus. These towering clouds can produce moderate rain or snow showers and may grow into cumulonimbus clouds.

Cumulonimbus with tornado
Among nature’s most destructive phenomena, tornadoes are rapidly spinning columns of rising air extending between the base of a cumulonimbus cloud and the ground. In extreme cases, tornado winds may exceed 250 miles an hour.

3 thoughts on “Chemtrail Cloud Stamps 2004

  1. Several years ago, I wrote my congressman about the harm of chemtrails. He did not respond.
    On all other subjects that I have written to him about he has responded…..hmmm?
    Chemtrails is now not allowed in our vocabulary. The present administration insist we use the politically correct term, “prolonged contrails.” Another….hmmm?

  2. Father’s day, last Sunday our North Carolina skies were inundated with horizon to horizon many planes flying and spraying to early afternoon.
    The ‘clouds’ finally settled and were in squiggle patterns as observed by my wife who is an unbeliever.
    I was frustrated on many levels.
    I feel that my hands are tied for what to do.
    I do advertise to friends and family that I am a believer in chemtrail poisoning.

    I did write a letter to Governor McCrory. I did the same to my Senator Burr and received a canned letter to me about another subject then again another canned letter thanking me for writing. How disappointing.

    Now, I wonder how my letter to the Gov will be received and if I will ever get a cogent response.

    Rock on folks.

  3. Publicly displaying toxic chemicals sprayed by aircraft [Marriott hotel chemtrail art, stamps] is also about freewill consent. Consent is the great CON of man and here is why. Government interprets public ‘silence’ as implied consent to their ‘presumed’ authority.

    While many people would like to believe we are totally victimized by the cabal, the truth is, our own incompetence [unawareness], lack of solidarity, and wise action to end this inhumane act on populations, is consent that empowers and sustains the cabal.

    How the Cabal Maintains Power Over Us And How To STOP IT

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