Strange Chemtrails Over Australia 6-24-2016

Strange Chemtrails Over Australia 6-24-2016

Harold Saive narration on this interesting time-lapse video was captured near Sydney, Australia by owner of “Inner Sanctum Screen Printing” channel. — The initial set of 3 trails appears relatively confined but ultimately morphs into a large bank of artificial Cirrus clouds.

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The single trails depart form typical aircraft chemtrails with their curious cork-screw appearance mostly at the beginning and end of each trail — Later, we see an almost identical aerosol deployment of 3 trails suggesting they’re released by drones, ground-based artillery or from cargo aircraft such as C-130 with a service ceiling above about 22,000 feet where normal cirrus clouds are formed. Original upload –

4 thoughts on “Strange Chemtrails Over Australia 6-24-2016

  1. SBS TV News the lst week in June ran a very quick news clip of a plane spraying ‘something’ over Sydney and the comment was something about protection from cyberwar fare ?? When I attempted to get the episode (161, or 162 ) on demand. It was never there but the episodes before and after were. What were they spraying? Who was spraying? Air Force? Any Sydney siders aware of this?

  2. Not My Sky
    The earth’s sky was blue, when I was a boy.
    They’re now filled with poison, flying jets deploy.
    The elite of the world, have control of us all.
    And their new world agenda, will make this one fall.
    They spray poison down on us, out in plain sight.
    A continuous program, that goes day and night.
    Who will save our world, from these powers that be.
    It will take Christ Himself, to save you and me.
    Author, Tom R. Wigington.

  3. We gotta stop this crap and protect our children, chemtrails everywhere. I live in Brazil Salvador we have the type of cork screw trails nobody seems notice people think it’s normal, let’s stop it before we get sick and die from it.

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