Federal Lawsuit Against SB 277 Filed – California Mandatory Vaccinations

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California’s controversial new vaccination law, SB277 which is scheduled to go into effect this month (July 2016), has been challenged in court. SB277 became the first law in the United States to remove the philosophical and religious exemption for childhood vaccines, thereby completely removing parental choice in any decisions about vaccinating their children as a requirement for attending school. Only two other states do not have philosophical or religious exemptions (and apparently never did), Mississippi and West Virginia.

Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen of the BolenReport reported on the new lawsuit filed in California, where parents and non-profit organizations are suing the State of California Department of Health, Department of Education, three school districts, and one County Public Health Department.

The Lawsuit Against SB 277 Has Been Filed…

by Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen

So, I called attorney Jim Turner about 5:00AM PST this morning and say
“Where’s the case, dude?”  He laughed…  He’d been up all night.  Right now
it’s 5:00PM PST on Friday, July 1st, 2016  and I’ve got the final copy of
the case against SB 277 in my hands.  it will take a while to get this
article out – a lot to read, and make phone calls about.  But…

I LOVE it.

The case I talked about two days ago has been electronically filed by Carl
Lewis in the San Diego Federal Court.  I have attached copies of each of
the individual document sets to this article.  They will be easy to find.
Take the time to familiarize yourself.

The actual name of the filing is “Complaint For Declaratory and Injunctive
Relief – Temporary Restraining Order Sought.”  Below I will explain what
all that means.

And, there’s a bunch of backup documents.  You can see every one.

But first…

Let me make a few points so we are all on the same page.

The Lawsuit Against SB 277 Has Been Filed…

My friend Diane Miller JD, sometime Author for the BolenReport, and the head of the Health Freedom Congress, is flying in from Minnesota tomorrow to attend, and speak at, the Santa Monica Rally organized by Wendy Silvers. She  will speak on the details of the lawsuit.  Go there to hear what she has to say.

Federal Lawsuit Against SB 277 Filed - California Mandatory Vaccinations
Diane Miller JD and Barbara Loe Fisher at the Health Freedom Congress

Federal Court Lawsuit to be Filed Against SB 277 Tomorrow Morning…


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