Wars Riots Civil Unrest – Electromagnetic Targeting

Wars Riots Civil Unrest - Electromagnetic Targeting

When applying for services, we blindly check the race category.  Your race can be targeted for anger and mass hysteria!

Article source: amicrowavedplanet.com

The ruling class have long known the effect of electromagnetic radiation on the human population. The impact of solar and cosmic forces on the human psyche were taught by the mystery schools and esoteric knowledge was confined to their corridors. In knowledge, there is power, and they have wielded, skillfully.

The key to this human behavioral response is frequency. We experience physical stress/emotional distress when exposed to high levels of proton flux from the sun. Since the modern age of electrification and microwave transmission, many scientists studying the phenomena suggest man can reproduce the same effect artificially. Thereby inducing mass hysteria.

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” Alexander L. Chizhevsky (1897-1964) was a true interdisciplinary cycles researcher who studied relationships between cosmological variables such as the solar cycle and human health and behavior including propensity to fighting wars. Most of Chizhevsky’s work was published in French and Russian and so unfortunately still remains unknown to English readers.”

“Life is a phenomenon. Its production is due to the influence of the dynamics of the cosmos on a passive subject. It lives due to dynamics, each oscillation of organic pulsation is coordinated with the cosmic heart in a grandiose whole of nebulas, stars, the sun and the planet.”
– Alexander L Chizhevsky

“Dates of historical events are compared with moments of solar maxim, beginning from the year 1750. It turns out that violent occurrences in Europe (like revolutions) are correlated with the periods of enhanced solar activity.”

“In the literature concerning the Earth-Sun relations much space is devoted to the study of the possible influence of solar activity on weather and climate (glaciations, floods, droughts, and the like) The objective has been to find a correlation between natural events on Earth and the sunspots number.”

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