Chemtrail Action – HAARP Blamed For Creating Worldwide Drought and Food Shortages

Chemtrail Action - HAARP Blamed For Creating Worldwide Drought and Food Shortages

Chemtrails: Evasive Action! Must SEE!!

The planes that drop chemtrails are more dangerous than you might think. Take evasive action and be prepared for the New World Order and population control.

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Pilots, Doctors and Scientists Tell the Truth About Chemtrails

America’s HAARP System Blamed For Creating Worldwide Drought and Food Shortages

Chemtrail Action - HAARP Blamed For Creating Worldwide Drought and Food Shortages

Preface by Cathy Geibel TLB writer/reporter

I purposely placed the publisher source of this article at the top to exemplify how global this Weather Geoengineering problem is.  I know the majority of the people who read this are aware of these effects, yet I HOPE that the more we repeat this message, the more people we will reach and the more likely we will be to stop this without drastic action.  This Geoengineering of the Weather IS causing global climate change.  You cannot spew megatons of nano particles and coal ash et al into the atmosphere at the rate they do without it changing the climate.  Gosh…. volcanic eruptions that spew ash into the atmosphere have changed the climate, why not this?  I disagree, though, that it is “America’s” HAARP.  There are roughly 25 HAARP arrays globally not to mention the number of other EMF sources.  

They continue to change spray types, and alternate the EMF frequencies and DENY that it even exists yet there it is in plain sight.  And to any detractors or disinfo out there that choose to attack this article… well…. OK… I cannot express what I REALLY want to say.  But let it suffice to say… we are AWARE of what is happening and nothing you say will sway that. Nothing.  So press on everybody!!  They have clearly ramped this up because they KNOW we are onto them and the message is spreading.  We are ALL ACTIVISTS and we can all make a difference one person at a time.  (CG) 

Published by: from Press Trust of India  |  New Delhi July 18, 2016

Is HAARP being used as a weapon to create global warming and drought conditions worldwide? India certainly believes that to be the case and is fearful about the devastation to the country’s food resources caused by America’s use of such technology.

HAARP is a super powerful ionospheric heater which may cause the globe to warm and have global warming effect, says India’s environment minister.

Chemtrail Action - HAARP Blamed For Creating Worldwide Drought and Food Shortages
HAARP antenna array, Gakona, Alaska

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10 thoughts on “Chemtrail Action – HAARP Blamed For Creating Worldwide Drought and Food Shortages

  1. New World Order:
    Where Geoengineering Via Chemtrails Meets The Global Carbon Control Matrix

    Geoengineering Is The Primary Cause Of Global Climate Change, Not CO2


    We need Canadians to raise their awareness, pull together to speak the truth, and support a class action lawsuit to stop stratospheric aerosol geoengineering the weather. Home page for the Canadian Aerial Discharge Class Action

  2. Do not try to talk with scientists who are on the hook for federal grants. You will experience a migraine!

  3. I would like to see soil tests, water tests for chemistry, pH and hopefully there are tests done decades ago with which to relate. I knew a friend of a friend who had this scientist (retired) do tests on ORGANIC kale from my friend’s garden, two years ago…he did the tests in his kitchen. He was blown away at the high levels of heavy metals. Kale is a brassica and a great indicator plant for soil chemistry. If one knows how to do tests in their kitchen!! Moss is another good indicator plant. No one could argue with soil and water tests from random sites all over …heck the world! There must be old tests with which to compare!!

      1. Whoa, thank you!! I haven’t looked at these sources, yet. But yaaahoooo! Thanks, again!

      2. Amazing…I’ve been talking with Oregon’s Public Broadcasting about chemtrails and tests for chemicals. They’ve got this lead thingy going that I had to whine loudly about. JUST IN SCHOOLS? Since when do schools have separate pipes?

        There are two long time glass companies getting their asses kicked over tests done with moss. They are being put out of business for cadmium and a few other things. I asked them to get tests done OUTSIDE the area influenced by these glass companies. But so far, these glass companies are being trashed completely. They got their scapegoat and not interested in ‘chemtrails’ or ‘geoengineering’…even though Portland Oregon has billboards up about chemtrails, their feedback was anyone can put up billboards. I’ve sent the CIA director’s admission there are definitely chemtrails…’We want to mitigate this global warming trend for our benefit’…yup,, they are pulling THAT out of their ass. There is no global warming, anthropomorphic or otherwise! Global cooling, perhaps but always looks like warming in the beginning. Totally natural, normal. Why they are insisting making us feel guilty about CO2 is fascinating. CO2 is the fourth or fifth in line of the big time greenhouse gases. FIRST and foremost is WATER VAPOR. These bought scientists keep insisting that these CONTRAILS are nothing but water vapor! No one yet has talked about Nitrogen, nor methane. They want to make money off our guilt about polluting with CO2!! Yeah, shame on us but those chemtrails far outdistance any pollution from the ground. And like the bought scientists do believe and have said, if it is just water vapor yet that is the largest greenhouse gas there is. Of course it is more than that, practicing to CONTROL WEATHER firstest amongst nations and militaries, is the primary reason for chemtrails. To include Haarp…the science is almost beyond me, but be careful trying to argue with scientists on the dole by Fed grants!! ‘They could care less what happens to us’…perhaps someday they can use chemtrails to kill us but weakening us, weakening our wilderness flora is also good so they can have slaves who house themselves, feed themselves, care for themselves all the while working to make these elite idiots richer. I HATE being nothing more than a chess piece on a world wide board.

  4. Many folks believe the Chemtrails passing over California for the last 15 or so years have dried up the Sierra Nevada mountain range where rural citizens have made their homes and are being ” Burned out ” by wild fires , This is possibly part of the United Nations Agenda 21 Treaty to force everyone into one of the two Mega-cities already being developed north and south . If this is true , deaths and property loss is on the hands of the ” CIA ” . The Director of the CIA has came forth and admitted their ( SAI ) program . Weather Control is the air force goal by 2025 , This blows Global Warming all to Hell , and it’s been the biggest lie and Fraud ever committed ! Mr. Trump is fully aware of this ” Climate Change ” agenda for Global Communism . I still believe the whole thing is a hoax concocted up by the CFR and the UN by George H Bush and their New World Order !

    1. The chemtrails are focused on the ‘gulf stream’ that runs across the pacific, down the rocky mountain range and then across the country. With their ‘practicing’ playing with weather to be ready for 2025, this is their major forum.

  5. What does the civilized rule of law mean to these vermin? I will tell you absolutely nothing, their only ally has been the purposeful secreting the the act and using Using the Bush Crime family euphamisms “Conspiracy theories. What is needed is a unilateral plan of action to picket the perimeters of these USAF bases from which the tankers are coming and going ( accuracy is unimportant It’s the message- This will wake up the rest of the ‘sheeple ” as well as the press WE ARE AT WAR, WHAT IS SO DIFFICULT TO UNDERSTAND ? We cannot see the enemy but know who and where he is , We have the tactical advantage with enormous numbers, we must learn how rto use that advantage
    Preaching to the choir does “not gather more voices”

    1. So very frustrating watching people intensely focused on trivialities and nose to nose over inane crap. We are at war. There is a quickly shrinking window of time where we will soon be completely ruled by the Elite. Like animals used for food. To make money. To continue the illusion of a wonderful life for us peon people so we keep producing for our owners. Excellent view, Milt.

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