Jim Morgan MONSANTO? Don’t get me started.
From 1933 to 1999 MONSANTO poisoned HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of troops stationed/training at Fort McClellan outside of Anniston, Alabama.…/poisoned-patriots…/
To this day, the V.A. and federal government have not acknowledged the problem, notified the troops that were stationed there, or taken any legal action against Monsanto. However, in August of 2003 Monsanto and its spin-off Solutia had to pay $700 Million to the town of Anniston, Alabama in a class action law suit.…/Toxic/monsanto_pcbs.php

Veterans like myself continue to suffer from a long list of illnesses because soldiers are expendable and have no course of action, other than to suffer and eventually die, if no one acknowledges that there was ever a problem on the post or if the government/V.A. doesn’t notify former troops to seek medical attention. To this date, no former troops have been notified.
How bad is it?
In 1966, a study was conducted by a University of Mississippi biologist. He placed 25 Bluegill fish into one of the streams. He reported to Monsanto that the fish became disoriented within 10 seconds and died within 3 ½ minutes. Another of the biologists reported that it was like “dunking the fish in battery acid”. The fish spurted blood and shed their skin as though being placed in boiling water.

Yet another biologist said, “The skin would literally slough off.” Sometime thereafter, a dog drank from the stream and died. For the dog lovers, he wasn’t part of the study – just an incidental occurrence that got reported. Since this was a Monsanto sponsored study, the results were not made public and Monsanto continued business as usual.


  1. Monsanto and their GMO corn killed my chocolate lab. I fed my dogs dogfood with GMO corn, when I didn’t know crap about this stuff. Probably only a few bags of cheap stuff full of GMO corn. That is all it took. She had a tumor the size of a football not kidding! My other lab has at least 3 tumors the size of a softball and 2 golf ball size. He had one the size of a softball on his leg that I managed to get removed. I’ve always had dogs, I’ve got 4 cats, a parrot, 2 horses, used to have geese, ducks, 70 chickens, a turkey, a pot bellied pigs, I was the foster mom for abused momma dogs and their litters, goats, muscovi ducks…they found me, I never went out to find animal friends! But never have I ever seen tumors like this…never. I saw the test rats from GMO, whatever, and they didn’t look at all like a rat. Maybe a badly stuff thing with a rat head. We have to BOYCOTT GMO, whatever it takes. Hell this is always about MONEY not us humans, not other animals, plants the ocean all the ecosystems that have been in place of millennia…don’t purchase anything that doesn’t say NON-GMO. No preserved, boxed, canned, frozen foods at all. It has to say NON-GMO or do not purchase nor eat it! Never buy cheap dog food. Learn to grow your own. Better start now because growing vegetables is not as easy as one thinks. Post apocalypse is NOT the time to begin learning how to be self sufficient.

  2. Totally agree, Stormy On!
    I remember the days we never even HEARD of store-bought dog food! Table scraps and trimmings from animals we grew and butchered ourselves.
    Absolutely GMO….like aerosol spraying MUST be stopped!!
    It is very sad that most of today’s young folk are glued to a mini-screen filled with mindless chatter….instead of learning the reality of self-sustainability…because it IS possible….but no, it AIN’T easy…been there done that STILL doing a lot of it!!

    1. While visiting family members my 12 year old niece threw my carefully prepared dog food, with meat, vegetables and beans in the trash saying that he mother said dogs can’t eat human food! Of course dogs can’t eat human junk food, ice cream, cake and other crap. Total brainwash job to buy processed crap dog food!

    2. hey there Kate! Where do you garden? I’m in this new place we chose only to find this zone is the same as Alaska, only worse. Sigh. Greenhouses are a must anyhoo. What a struggle to improve PUMICE. Thanks for being in agreement, grins, very rare.

    3. Kate, btw, I have encountered some incredibly brilliant souls out there, late teens, early twenties that were far more savvy, educated, moral and courageous that most adults (of course they were home schooled). Brilliant great conversationalists even without all our EXPERIENCE. Amazing. And gives one hope for our species…

  3. Arghh…were these family members in YOUR home? Stupid human food, no way. Dogs are not carnivores, they’d like to be but they are closer to omnivores, needing some carbohydrates. These OUT THERE dog owners who only feed RAW meat to their dogs are wasting the calories. Cooked meat as well as cooked vegetables are far better for use by animals. Besides fire, cooking our meat gave us more calories with which to supply our oh so large brains and caused us to creep up the ladder of the primates. Feeding even snakes cooked meats was far better than raw. Where people get their knowledge is just impossible to change. Humans are the most STUPID of all animal species. Our smartness does more harm than good. We are so detached from all other life because the BIBLE tells us we are different. Pisses me off big time…I-IT, I-Them mentality. For all our gifts of evolution we just might not make it not nearly as long as the dinosaurs did…

    1. What are you talking about, have you got the right person. I trap gophers and my dogs would almost fight over getting this fresh meat,coyotes and wolves like them too as they would remove traps for me from time to time.
      Dogs also we predigest foods as manure especially the calves bc of milk fed. My dogs ,diff ones, have picked my strawberry plants, rose hips and ripe berries. Now you are enlightened ,I hope.

      1. Hey there Dina! I was raised on a major wilderness ranch, up the ying yang with life and death experience with all animals and flora. I was trying to pass on information so that others don’t waste food for their dogs by not cooking it first. I know, I know ‘raw and bloody’…but not true. They fed pythons cooked meat and found that even these snakes did better with cooked meat . I am not saying that raw won’t keep them fed, just trying to explain that cooked, even most vegetables give more calories and nutrients. It is one of the main reason, next to harnessing fire for our rise to (thinking) we are the most intelligent of animals. What we hunted, killed and cooked lasted longer, we could keep enough calories in our blood sugar with which to think…the brain is unable to use calories from any other source including fat If animals are eating feces, they are desperate. I have horses, I know cows ‘n calves and scouring and putting my arm inside to pull out after birth to save the newbie cow. I am also very knowledgeable about the human body, nutrition and exercise…then there are the plants, I’m a professional in that field as well. Hate tooting my horn but sometimes there is great information you might miss thinking someone is clueless. A few sentences, after all, isn’t much to understand someone else.

  4. Growing up my dogs got Perky (horsemeat) and table scraps and all lived healthy,as working in city for 40 yrs I did notice multiply problems w dogs thru social. I try to buy the best/better dog food IMO but I feed them what I eat and my dogs eat fruit veg, steamed greens. Never see a vet except to get spay no shots.
    Needless to say they live a full healthly life. I wouldn’t feed a dog the food other people eat as I wonder how they living. Living on ranch for 20 yrs, dogs get more natural feeds for them that most people couldn’t fathom in city.
    Farmers that were feeding GMO’s to any animal had sick and eventually not reproducing and went back to regular feed. Look at India GMO cotton killed cattle & people got sick. It’s the corrupt gov’t allowing this. Feed them this garbage but no, they eat organic.

  5. Shoot, and sigh, being a Landscape Architect, master gardener with 40 years as well as a decade of running landscape crews getting certified…yadayadayada…gophers, moles, shrews, voles are good guys. Were they eating your crops…actually only the gophers might do that. They eat grubs primarily, AERATE your soils, add organic matter, poop great stuff into your soil with no work on your part. Now the gophers are a bit more destructive. But both moles and gophers make those ‘hills’ of soil that I used to charge my clients big bucks to wheel barrow in and then simply rake or sweep down. Let me know exactly what animal and what they are doing to cause you grief. Otherwise, what a waste of little lives. I know I know…but there are NOT hoards of them, usually just two and can do incredible positive work for you for nothing. I hate killing and trying to control environments that are obviously part man made and part au natural. Just sayin’…little mammals that spawned us stupid humans after all…

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