Victims of criminal cancer doctor Dr. Fata to receive millions in settlement

Victims of criminal cancer doctor Dr. Fata to receive millions in settlement

Victims of Detroit cancer criminal awarded $8M in settlement… is the arrest of fraudster Dr. David Gorski next?

Victims of criminal cancer doctor Dr. Fata to receive millions in settlement
Dr. David Gorski

(NaturalNews) Working inside the Karmanos-Crittenton Cancer Center in Detroit, a cancer criminal mastermind known as Dr. Farid Fata preyed upon innocent victims to pocket millions in profits from fraudulent cancer “treatments.” His strategy was rooted in pure evil: Falsely diagnose patients with cancer who didn’t really have cancer, then “treat” them with high-profit chemotherapy while raking in millions from Medicare, Medicaid and private insurers.

Dr. Fata’s crimes were openly tolerated by the Detroit cancer industry, a cabal of criminally insane medical fraudsters who prey upon the innocent public like Catholic priests preying on choir boys. It was only through the actions of an inside whistleblower that the FBI was finally made aware of these crimes, leading to the arrest and prosecution of Dr. Fata. He is now serving 45 years in federal prison.

Millions to be paid to some of the victims of cancer con artist Dr. Fata

Victims of criminal cancer doctor Dr. Fata to receive millions in settlement

Now, a financial settlement has finally been reached that will pay restitution to some of the victims of Dr. Fata. As published in the Detroit Free Press:

About 40 of the hundreds of former patients who were purposely misdiagnosed with cancer or poisoned with unnecessary treatment by Oakland County oncologist Farid Fata will share in an $8-million settlement entered today in lawsuits filed against Fata and three hospitals.

Those three hospitals, it turns out, were Crittenton Hospital, McLaren Medial Center and Trinity Health. While all this criminal fraud was taking place, Crittenton joined with the Karmanos Cancer Center to run a joint treatment center which was later dissolved.

The Karmanos Cancer Center, not coincidentally, is the current base of operations for one of the most criminal-minded and mentally insane cancer doctors still operating in America: Dr. David Gorski, recognized as a medical monster and a mentally ill physician who spends his days trolling and blogging from his office at Karmanos, hurling out the most spite-filled, venomous and vitriolic words any doctor has ever gotten away with.

Dr. Gorski still has his medical license, just as Dr. Fata did before his arrest for criminal fraud

Yet just as the cancer industry in Detroit said nothing about Dr. Fata while he was committing criminal fraud against his patients, so far Dr. Gorski’s medical license has not been revoked by the state of Michigan. This is despite the fact that Dr. David Gorski obviously poses a clear and present danger to the safety of Karmanos Cancer Center patients as evidenced by his almost daily violations of the basic principles of the American Medical Association’s Code of Medical Ethics.

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2 thoughts on “Victims of criminal cancer doctor Dr. Fata to receive millions in settlement

  1. Big Pharma, who produce these highly poisonous drugs, knowing full well they cause cancer, must be held to account as they are the ones who manipulate Doctors into killing their patients. This is all part of Agenda 21, depopulation of the American people. If lethal poisons were not sold as health benefits in the first place these patients would be cancer free.

    It has been proven that doctors are hounded out of America if their success rate in improving the health of patients is too high. Big Pharma wants patients to be sick so that they can make billions out of poisons that kill. Watch Clive de Carle’s videos on this very topic. They are obsessed with depopulation because psychopaths who call themselves the Global Elite have decided that they are Gods and deludedly think that they have the power to control who lives and who dies. Don’t allow them to get away with this.

    Karmanos Cancer Center is obviously under the control of Big Pharma, the psycopathic degenerates who are destroying the health of Americans and globally. Any drug that causes the patient impaired health through side effects should not be on Sale ever. Lethal poisons cure nothing and this has been proven time and time again. This must not be allowed to continue. This is why America has an excessively high rate of dis-ease caused by toxicity and poor diet and the irresponsible promotion of fake sugars that come in plastic bottles that are lethal. They are also behind the death by aspartame/glyphosate consumption.

    Listen to your ethical scientists who care about abysmal health statistics! They are they ones that can turn this around. Big Pharma get away with this because they are psychopaths who lack empathy and only see $$$$$$$$s going into their bank accounts.

    Big Pharms is a friend to NOBODY.

  2. Another reason to stay away from M.D.s, stands for Mentally Deranged. It’s almost impossible to take their licenses away, unless of course they are against vaccines or any other mainstream medical procedures. These chemo/radiation/surgery for cancer is pretty sad…it’s been the same ol’ same ol for over 60 plus years. They don’t WANT a real cure, which is why they’ve suppressed so many of the real cures, like Dr. Johanna Budwig’s flax oil and diet cure, Latrile, ESSIAC, Ozone therapy, Johanna Brandt’s grape fast, etc etc etc. If I got cancer, I would definitely go for the alternative treatments.

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