Forget Tornadoes – Rain Bombs are the Latest Trending Weather Warfare Weapons

Ellicott City MD Flash Flood July 30 2016 Rain Bomb


Weather Wars – Insurance Company Concerns –

In 2008 CFTC Requests Public Input on Possible Regulation of “Event Contracts”

“Now where there are the weather and earth shaking technologies, or some circles call these weather and electro-magnetic weapons, used insidiously unfortunately by our military, our intelligence apparatus, and perhaps our military contractors for purposes contrary to that to which our public servants take their oath of office to the Constitution, I suggest prohibiting the use of that technology rather than leaving someone else holding the bag in the event destruction produced by, and where so-called ‘natural’ events were produced by military contractor technology in the guise of ‘mother nature’.

Consider Rep Denis Kucinich as well as former Senator John Glenn attempted to have our Congress
prohibit the use of space based weapons. That class of weapons includes the ‘weather weapons'”.

Read PDF here Insurance_company_weather_weapons


Disaster Capitalism Weather derivatives slowly began trading over-the-counter in 1997 – betting on bad weather.


Operation Popeye was a highly classified weather modification program used in Vietnam


Collier’s magazine – May 28, 1954. WEATHER MADE to order.

Forget Tornadoes - Rain Bombs are the Latest Trending Weather Warfare Weapons


JFK at at 1961 UN General Assembly  predicts Weather Control, landing on the moon and global communications.


YouTube credit: ron johnson Explains how and why weather weapons were used in VA flash flood.

Rain Bomb caught on camera by YouTuber Barcroft TV


1 woman, 1 man dead after major flooding in Ellicott City


Video taken from the 2nd floor of Portalli’s Restaurant on Main Street.

Please feel free to share this video with the purpose of reporting the news of this devastating storm that hit beautiful downtown Ellicott City. Please send thoughts and prayers to those affected by this event.

–Branden Cromwell
Resident of Pasadena MD

YouTuber: Nezacant

Hi, I just wanted to post an update – I am the girl shown in the video trying to get into Cocoa Lane. My coworkers/ friends were the two girls holding on to the car that was floating away. All three of us are alive, a bit banged up, but ok. Over the rushing water I never heard any of your voices coming from Portali’s, but it touched me to watch this and see/hear that you tried to help. It was a horrifying experience and I hope and pray all who were caught in it are safe tonight.

YouTuber: David Dempster Unbelievable video as I and several other men rescue a woman from her car floating down Main St in Historic Ellicott City, Maryland, at about 8:30pm July 30th during the devastating flood. My wife and I are business owners on Main St. I was standing at the entry of my shop at the top of the human chain holding the next man’s hand and filming with the other. The man who got washed away was incredibly lucky.

2 thoughts on “Forget Tornadoes – Rain Bombs are the Latest Trending Weather Warfare Weapons

  1. Most folks, including my husband, do not believe in geo-engineered weather. As I sat watching the horrific flood, in Houston, TX, a year or so ago, I told my husband what caused it and he stated, “we don’t have the technology for that.” This is an intelligent and highly educated man. I was stunned at his remark! He also doesn’t believe in chemtrails.
    What is it going to take to enlighten folks that our government is committing genocide?
    I pray the folks in Ellicott City overcome this horror. My prayers and love go out to all, there.

    1. It is hard to imagine for most to wrap their heads around this now matter how intelligent they are. At least you planted the seed and they awake at some time. Operation Popeye was a highly classified weather modification program used in Vietnam

      JFK Forecasts Weather Control, landing on the moon and global communications at 1961 UN General Assembly. Check out update on this post.

      Your family – friends believe in the moon landing, global communications and not weather control?

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