New Gardasil Vaccine Guidelines From American Cancer Society Censors All Risks to Vaccine

Comment from Admin – Welcome to the dark ages of childhood death, disability, chronic illness and windfall profits for big Pharma! Key points posted below, go here for full story.

by Brian Shilhavy
Health Impact News Editor

The American Cancer Society issued a press release recently stating that they were agreeing with the U.S. Center for Disease Control’s (CDC) recommendation to now start vaccinating boys as well as girls with the Gardasil vaccine, and that Gardasil vaccines can begin as young as age 9.

New Gardasil Vaccine Guidelines From American Cancer Society Censors All Risks to Vaccine
Collage showing a sample of stories Health Impact News and Vaccine Impact have published of young women who had their lives destroyed by the HPV vaccine.

Now, another study has published in the American Journal of Reproductive Immunology documenting three more cases of “Primary Ovarian Failure,” where three young girls stopped having periods and showed signs of menopause. The study confirms Dr. Little’s experience, and was conducted in Israel and Italy.


The U.S. Government Earns Royalties from the Sale of Gardasil – NIH royalties Exempt from FOIA Requests!

In November 2010, Dr. Eric Suba submitted a Freedom of Information Request to the Office of Government Information Services to discover the amount of money the U.S government earns from Merck’s sale of Gardasil. But apparently the government is immune from revealing those figures, as you can read for yourself the response Dr. Suba received here.



Because the manufacturers of vaccines are not immune from liabilities due to the harm their vaccines cause in these countries, in contrast to the United States where one cannot sue a vaccine manufacturer, many are taking legal actions against HPV manufacturers. You will read none of this in U.S. mainstream media, so here are some stories we have published:

Lawsuits Against HPV Vaccines Mounting In Japan

Gardasil Vaccine Protests in Colombia: Parents Lock Schools and Make Progress on Negotiations

Ireland’s HPV Vaccine Injured Fight for Human Rights in Dublin’s High Court

Scotland Considers Dangerous Side Effects of HPV Vaccine

TV2 Denmark Documentary on HPV Vaccine Shows Lives of Young Women Ruined

South Africa Debates Safety of HPV Vaccine

European Medicines Agency Launches Probe into HPV Vaccine Injuries

HPV Vaccine Injuries and Deaths Now Being Reported from Central and South America

Will India be First Country to Revoke Marketing Licenses for HPV Vaccines?

Spanish Health Authorities Call for Moratorium on HPV Vaccines

Sanofi Sued in France over Gardasil Vaccine – Could this be the Beginning of the End for Gardasil?

What are the Risks and Side Effects for the HPV Vaccine?

Since this information is blacked out of the U.S. mainstream media (but NOT mainstream media sources outside of the U.S.), we provide a list of known risks and side effects to the HPV vaccine here, along with some verified information about the vaccine you are not likely to read outside of the alternative media.

Premature Menopause – Primary Ovarian Failure

POTS (postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome)

Read more:

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  1. My daughter had the vaccine 6 years ago and now she is expecting her first child, she’s near the end of her first trimester. Her doctor wants to do amniocentis without any explanation as to why. She does have Aspergers syndrome and I know that autism can’t be diagnosed in utero. Is there any data on the effects of this vaccine on pregnancy or on infant development that you know of? I realize that it is way to soon to know of any more long term effects on mother and baby, but if there are any unusual events (and I hope not), are there any recommendations for where to report them other than the makers of the poison going into our children. I thought I had a good pediatrician because he would call me when any of my kids were due for a vaccine, and he was Very Good at convincing me it was safe and necessary. I now feel that he used my love for my children to fatten his retirement account, or maybe he was so brainwashed he truly believed in what he was selling. I am praying that my daughter has a normal pregnancy and delivers a healthy child, it’s all I can do for now. Thank you for getting this information out there, I have always suspected that those first vaccinations may have had something to do with her autism, and thank God that she is very high functioning, as I have seen so many parents struggling with the frustration and denials from Big Pharma.

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