Massive Pacific Moisture Blocked From Entering California Daily

The weathermen call it a “ridiculously resilient high pressure ridge” while others believe patented technology including ionospheric heaters, frequency generation and Geoengineering aerosols . chemtrails are creating the conditions letting the moisture reach the border but not enter the state. The jet stream is pushing the moisture straight towards California. There are newspaper publishing as early as 1912 to divert the jet stream intentionally.

Video source AutomatingNature



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6 thoughts on “Massive Pacific Moisture Blocked From Entering California Daily

  1. Re – More proof of NEXRAD’s complicit operations – Live, at any moment at this Click Through Link:

    Direct Link To KSOX continuous Operation at the bottom of the article. Go ahead, click it and I guarantee you will see an active High RF blockade being emitted. It has been a constant in the CA Drought Weather Modification – Food as a Weapon – Agenda… Link:

    That is a 96 image loop, the loop can be expanded to a 200 frame loop on the left of the page.

    Post Script: At the 6 minute 26 second mark on the above video, you will see a right tilting vertical swath at approximately the center of the image. It is a microwave burst. There is a Future Weapons Arms Race, with DEW – Directed Energy Weapons – at its core. Mobile SBX, XBX, LaWS Laser Cannons, and more, work Frequency to steer atmospheric moisture – both synthetic and naturally formed – to ends such as Extreme Weather Events, Drought, Flooding, Weather as a Force Multiplier in short. o…

  2. They did stuff like this during the Vietnam war. They would have pilots seed the clouds and dump 2 feet or more of water on the Viet cong. Now, they have HAARP and all these other things at their disposal. I guess George Soros wants to buy up even more farmland and they want to destroy California’s great agriculture.
    I’ve noticed at night there is more ‘flashing’ in the skies again.

  3. Earthquakes along the west coast are a daily thing, stretching from Southern California to Canada and up to and beyond Alaska. This is a sign that HAARP type technology is being used to direct the jet stream around the US in order to build storms over the US and slowly steer them to desired locations in order to cause maximum devastation to an area. FEMA has been funded and built for this particular type of disasters in order to take over certain areas of the US. The usgs does not list the quakes for Canada or many other countries around the world as that would probably look very suspicious if you could see all of the quakes hitting almost every country, especially those that are being droughted or those that are being flooded.

  4. Indeed, just looking at the weather patterns for over a few years now, I know what the satellite pictures used to look like and what they look like now. It is as if a 5 year old took a marker and just started messing up everything. The clouds are bizarre shapes and form bizarre convoluted patterns that have no form or flow like weather “used” to do.
    The cabal of vipers that have control of HAARP and their weapons of weather (U.S. Military and probable NATO top dogs around the globe are targeting areas for some sinister plans and financial rewards are at the end of their rainbow and the demise of the people of this planet. Destruction by earthquakes, floods, rains and tornadoes have been off the scale of “historic” events so that points to deliberate interaction by man and it’s not global damn warming. It is climate change but the kind the government creates and not the factories supplying our energy! These damn scum need to be stopped. Hopefully there will be one or two or three whistleblowers within the scheme that will come out with documented proof before things get too much worse.

  5. @sincetn… Well stated… Daily I hope for the best. New Ops to be exposed… ! It is on! Future Weapons have taken the move from Weather Modification, to Psychotronics… Recent events show the agenda has made the move to Synthetic, imaged structures that are Eugenics based… The last days of the roll out of the Psychotronics frequency Weaponry is beyond prior Future Weaponization…! Technocratic comfort is endangered. The response is a given… Escalation will ensue. Misinformation, and outright lies will be the rhetoric to come. Critical thought is one of the methodologies to negate these Psy-Op s.. Eugenics; is the end point agenda… Recent events are massive. They will be shown as they are formatted and published… otterwalks: 020916 Survival-All… Awareness is Preparedness…

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