Weather Wars – 8-12-2016 Historic Flooding in Louisiana

Weather Wars - 8-12-2016 Historic Flooding in Louisiana

Wake Up…Historic Flooding in Louisiana Result of Weaponized Climate engineering. Pass the word. Need class-action suit.

Perhaps Counties in the State stopped paying their protection money.

A storm over Louisiana is dumping historic amounts of rainfall according to the NWS. 17″ of rain has fallen in Livingston, LA.


Looking at the Visible Light map we can see that a microwave transmitter is targeting this storm, but the power levels used are not sufficient at wiping it out, as we’ve seen previously, for example, with Hurricane Patricia last season, a CAT 5+ storm that hit Mexico last year – but Patricia was hit repeatedly with microwave as it moved onshore destroying it and no catastrophic damage was reported in the region despite reported 200+ MPH winds in the core before landfall. What we are seeing today is a half-hearted attempt by the terrorists controlling our weather to ‘stop’ the historic flooding in Louisiana, based on what we’ve seen over and over in these videos – the capabilities of these transmitters and the size of the storms / hurricanes repeatedly killed using superheating from microwave transmitters. In other words, the RF power levels applied on this storm are not sufficient nor effective to stop the rain – and a show is in fact being put on by these terrorist weather controllers.
The storm appears to be stationary- adding to the misery.

Videos source 1PacificRedwood

Weather Wars - 8-12-2016 Historic Flooding in Louisiana
Water rescue in East Baton Rouge Parish by off-duty Lafourche Sheriff deputies after historic floods. Click on pix for YouTube video


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2 thoughts on “Weather Wars – 8-12-2016 Historic Flooding in Louisiana

  1. All the people of Louisiana have had well over a decade to figure out the Chemtrails and HAARP producing weather but like the rest of the majority of America , they deny every bit of information that’s out there ! So , for those folks in peril , it’s just Con-Trails and Global Warming caused by Humans , and to love Obama and Climate Change Agenda and we should all live in high-rise Sustainable housing ! Good Luck to those

  2. Yes indeed, Louisiana is broke thanks to our failed governor past and certainly with the new one it’s guaranteed the state will be still broke while the governor makes millions along with his minions. So no protection payments being done. TPTB are hell bent on buying up this State for oil and gas since they know all the damn areas and what is underground with this HAARP system.
    The microwaves failed why? Or did they cause the intensity?
    I read this book: “Chemtrails, HAARP and the Full Spectrum Dominance of Planet Earth” by Elana Freeland. I recommend it for a great understanding of what and why this is happening and it’s across the globe control, folks.

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