CA SB 277 Lawsuit – Mandatory Vaccines- Case Dismissed!

CA SB 277 Lawsuit - Mandatory Vaccines- Case Dismissed!

News Flash: Since this interview, completed on August 30, 2016, the case was voluntarily dismissed by all plaintiffs and counsel.  Here is their statement:  “Following the court’s denial of the motion for a preliminary injunction all plaintiffs have, for strategic reasons, voluntarily agreed to dismiss their complaint without prejudice to refiling it.  The plaintiffs continue to feel strongly that SB277 is unconstitutional and intend to continue their efforts to overturn it.  That may include filing one or more new cases.”

What will the new lawsuit say?

I’ll keep you posted as it develops.  But, for now I have two short interviews for you to watch.  The first is Robert Scott Bell interviewing Jim Turner.  The second is Robert interviewing Bob Moxley.  Both are about where the litigation needs to go – SB277 California mandatory vaccine legislation – lawsuit.

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Issue – No Vaccines Mandates – When Vaccine Manufacturers and Pediatricians Have No Liability – No Safe Guards or Testing to Inject Your Precious Newborn with Made in China Pus

Why Vaccine-Injured Kids are Rarely Compensated – by Barbara Loe Fisher

On Nov. 14, 1986, President Ronald Reagan signed the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986 into law, instituting first-time vaccine safety reforms in the U.S. vaccination system and creating the first no-fault federal vaccine injury compensation program alternative to a lawsuit against vaccine manufacturers and pediatricians. Read more:


Jim Turner reveals strategy to amend complaint to overturn #SB277

Attorney Robert Moxley reveals reason why #SB277 complaint must be amended to include #vaccine dangers! If we do not reveal the true dangers of vaccination, and the lack of scientific studies to determine who can safely get them, then the vaccine bias of the judge will ride up to the appeals court and set a dangerous precedent for other states to use in removing vaccine exemptions.

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