War Declared in Miami Beach as City Begins Air Drop of Neurotoxic Pesticide

War Declared in Miami Beach as City Begins Air Drop of Neurotoxic Pesticide

Ron Johnson

[As CDC Director Thomas Frieden threatens Congress that Zika will spread if his agency doesn’t receive more taxpayer money for questionable research on the virus, Miami Beach is officially moving forward with its program of spraying its population with the organophosphate pesticide Naled in an alleged attempt to control the area’s mosquito population, and thus Zika. Unfortunately as we have attempted to relate at MHB (i.e. here and here) the inhalation of such a neurotoxic substance produces effects far more deleterious than Zika, and can resemble symptoms that could be easily mistaken for the virus.-Ed.] Source https://memoryholeblog.com/2016/09/10/war-declared-in-miami-beach-as-city-begins-air-drop-of-neurotoxic-pesticides-video/

Video source Ron Johnson: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oMq1ahPqcvE


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6 thoughts on “War Declared in Miami Beach as City Begins Air Drop of Neurotoxic Pesticide

  1. IF all this stuff is true I am horrified they chose Naled. There are 3 Bacillus thuringiensis varieties or sub species. We have been able to use the first and most well known for caterpillars. Then there is one specifically for beetles and now they’ve got BT isaralensis for flies and mosquitos. VERY specific pesticide made by a bacterium that makes its target insect feel full and they stop eating and starve. Why the hell did they choose Naled? Talk about dangerous for everyone including pregnant women and they are doing this because of microcephaly? So they use a pesticide in the realm of a nuclear bomb in New York City to kill a couple of bad guys? They should educate us as to WHY they chose to use Naled and what to expect. We all should at least know what the chemical is and what we should do while the spraying is happening. Such as cover all food, bring pets indoors, close and duct tape all doors and windows.

  2. The insane psychopathic criminals who deludingly think they are Elite are in abuse of office and must be removed and tried in the Hague for crimes against humanity.

  3. This is a really serious issue that is facing Miami Beach. As a positive update, more funding has been released by the governor to combat Zika in the State, and the Wynwood is now set to have their traveler’s advisories lifted. This is coming about 45 days after their spraying. I can understand how the city wants to quickly get to the place where Miami Beach has their advisories lifted before peak season starts. The hotel industry on Miami Beach was severely impacted over the last month. August and September are traditionally the worst performing months, but this year has been the worst in over a decade due to the Zika fallout and hype. We’ve seen our inquires about hotels for sale in Miami (http://www.skyfiveproperties.com/commercial/hospitality/) go down as well. As a South Beach resident, I very much understand the issues with residents having their neighborhood being bombed with a pesticide against their will. It’s a tough situation. Looks like the bombing will be over in 8 days, irrespective of the protests. Fingers crossed that we get through the bombing once and for all and Miami Beach can clear itself of this draining issue.

  4. When you figure out who is running everything in the US then all of this makes sence,,,
    The Synagogue of satan,, Revelation 2:9 & revelation 3:9,, they are in all the high places in our government.

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