Weather Control – Hurricane Matthew Update – Will Not Hit U.S.

Weather Control - Hurricane Matthew Update - Will Not Hit U.S.

10-4-2016; Hurricane Matthew Update: 130 MPH Wind; 950 mb Pressure; Matthew Will Not Hit U.S.

Published on Oct 5, 2016

(Wed.) The microwave power levels targeting Hurricane Matthew has been increased substantially as the storm approaches the U.S. The storm had not been targeted with this much power while moving through Haiti and Cuba. The pinpoint microwave RF targeting disrupts the convective process in the hurricane weather system weakening the storm. In the Visible Light maps we see a spot where the microwave makes its initial hit; a ‘crater’ feature then develops from the superheating process and expands out radially in the following frames, generating shock waves and blast patterns visible in all of the maps. The East coast (I referred to it as the ‘West’ coast.) now has a high pressure blockade installed to prevent this storm from moving in too close. But as I said, these weather controllers are terrorists and they can and may change their minds at any time; but in the meantime it appears the storm’s outer rain bands will probably skirt the Eastern U.S. dumping rain. Matthew should make a turn to the NE once it moves a bit further North East of Florida.


Published on Oct 4, 2016

(Tues.) A channel of high pressure has been installed on the East side of Hurricane Matthew between Tropical Storm Nicole to prevent merging of those two weather systems. On the West side of hurricane Matthew there is a high pressure channel running the entire length of the Eastern U.S. coastline which will serve as a channel or ‘blockade’ to prevent Matthew from moving in too close to the U.S. coastline. This channel of high pressure has also been installed to maintain separation between Matthew and a giant storm system over North and South Dakota. These two channels of high pressure on the West and East side of Matthew will channel or steer the storm in a Northeast direction once it gets further North, offshore of the Florida coastline. CAT4 Hurricane Matthew will not break the 4000+ day-old record (11+ years) of no major hurricanes striking the United States.

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