Terry Lawton “Hurricane Matthew May Have Been Created Using Weather Modification Technology”

Terry Lawton "Hurricane Matthew May Have Been Created Using Weather Modification Technology"

Excellent interview with Terry Lawton!!

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Clouds of Secrecy mentioned by Terry

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Published on May 17, 2012

The groundbreaking UK television documentary – Clouds of Secrecy – exclusively reveals details of formerly classified UK Government Biological Warfare public area experiments. In particular the documentary reveals how, during 1963 and 1964, scientists from the UK Government’s Chemical and Biological Warfare research facility at Porton Down used a de Havilland DH-104 Devon aircraft to repeatedly spray the county of Norfolk (the city of Norwich being the main target) with a hazardous material – Zinc Cadmium sulphide (ZnCds). A recently declassified MOD document reveals that, inexplicably, Porton scientists didn’t subject the ZnCds for toxicity testing prior to spraying the material in populated areas. The programme also includes details of newly discovered Porton Down ZnCds spraying experiments, which were conducted in populated areas of Bedfordshire. The latter Bedfordshire experiments involved the use of Porton Down’s clandestine spray vehicle – an especially adapted 1 Ton Morris Commercial Van. This enabled Porton scientists to secretly spray material without the local population becoming aware. The programme also draws attention to recent allegations that a much higher level of oesophageal cancer exists in the Norfolk area, compared with the average levels reported in the rest of the UK. It also includes an interview with Professor Sir Peter Lachmann – co-author of a Ministry of Defence commissioned investigation of Porton Down’s past ZnCds spraying programme.

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  1. The evidence is overwhelming ! It has brought on a major number of Climate Change Deniers and researchers , but the questions that are demanded by people that are aware of the arrogant group that’s behind Stratosphere Aerosol Injection and HAARP , go unanswered , So that in itself is the ” Green Light ” to forward suspicion and accusation to that global group ! If they ain’t talk’in , they will get no respect . The group is NOT above all the people of the world , Like the Nazi’s , this group will be answering our questions !

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