North Idaho – 3 Vaccine Deaths in 2 Months – Within 1 Week After Shots

North Idaho - 3 Vaccine Deaths in 2 Months - Within 1 Week After Shots

Doctor states increased SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) death after vaccines is a consequence!  Just two days after vaccination, this Mother’s child has died.
Once again, all parties involved in the manufacturing, approving and administering of these deadly injections have refused to come forward and take responsibility for another senseless, tragic death.

4 thoughts on “North Idaho – 3 Vaccine Deaths in 2 Months – Within 1 Week After Shots

  1. Why are parents allowing their babies to be vaccinated at the request of criminal, genocidal maniacs who hate humanity and want us all dead? All vaccines contain mercury, aluminum, MSG, formaldehyde, dead fetal cells, and glyphosate. Parents need to educate themselves and wake up and say No to allowing degenerate murderers, that call themselves Elite, to kill their children by forcing them to be injected with lethal poisons. Their aim is to cause death or autism. They are mass murdering psychopaths with no right brain function and no empathy. They should all be removed and held to account for crimes against children. Allowing mass murdering left brain psychopaths to decide the fate of children is insane. What does it take for people to wake up from being mind controlled by Television and the MSM and research what poisons are being given to their children instead of watching baseball and the Kartrashian clones? There is no excuse for ignorance in this day and age.

  2. the sheeple sincerely believe everything that is said and written through main stream media.
    despite the fact that we cant and never have been to the moon obama says we shall inhabite mars by 2030.
    come on people please wake up .
    maybe its just me perhaps the earth is a spinning globe after all

  3. It’s mostly about the money…and getting rid of us “useless peons” . The assholes at the top…the “money behind the money”…. figure they can just get rid of life on OUR planet, and start over with the DNA they have stored…and BTW, who the hell needs people when they’ve got enough robots now. I think those “Elite” will be in for a very nasty surprise….unfortunately our children and theirs will suffer greatly before all is said and done.

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