CA Drought Update – Hurricane Nicole Rebuilds – Monster Low Eastern Atlantic

Published on Oct 11, 2016

(Tue.) A 976 mb storm system is approaching California and the West Coast. As always, when a storm system approaches, we observe a considerable rise in barometric pressure, which is evidence of weather manipulation. In this case, high pressure is being installed offshore of California and over Southern CA. As with any approaching low pressure system, the barometric pressure should fall, not rise, as we are witnessing again today. The same ‘phenomena’ occurs when hurricanes approach Southern CA. Some rain is forecast for Central and Northern CA for tomorrow. Looking at the maps, there is a moisture field moving through CA now, but most of this is probably aerosol haze from the jets spraying chemtrails. No rain is showing up in California on the Doppler map currently.

Over in the Atlantic, a gigantic swirling vortex of low pressure is spinning East of Hurricane Nicole. This giant system is nearly the size of the entire U.S. A blockade of high pressure has been installed around the giant vortex to prevent any chance of merging with nearby Hurricane Nicole which is generating 90 MPH wind and has a core pressure of 970 mb. The storm has rebuilt in the past two days after being bulldozed far South into Carribean waters to make way for Matthew which then moved offshore and to the NE in the Atlantic two days ago as scheduled. Nicole is now moving West at about 2 MPH.

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