Wed. Oct 16th, 2019

You’re Being Sprayed Like a Bug – Billboard Atlanta GA Airport Area

You're Being Sprayed Like a Bug - Billboard Atlanta GA Airport Area

New billboard Atlanta GA airport area!!! Thanks to organizer Greg Pallen and all the donations received for this project.

Consistent cloud cover (global dimming) allowing for fungus growth (anti fungal drugs are hot new drugs) cancer, and Vit D deficiency – rickets.

By contributing YOU are making a statement… A statement that you are sick of breathing toxic air; sick of drinking poisonous fluoridated water; sick of eating weaponized GMO food; sick of receiving toxic mercury-laden vaccinations and sick and tired of all the false-flag events that serve to keep us marching lockstep toward our own self-destruction.


You're Being Sprayed Like a Bug - Billboard Atlanta GA Airport Area


We are so proud to introduce as a follow-up to our successful 2016 calendar project…THE MEN AND WOMEN FIGHTING CHEMTRAILS- 2016 International Edition DVD! There were so many GREAT REASONS to make this idea a reality and we hope that everyone (in and out of the movement) shares this post far and wide to help acknowledge the activists, researchers, authors and performers who have helped bring this issue to light and awaken others to the spraying of our planet…Hundreds of hours were spent sifting through all the work of the top activists in the world to bring you this EPIC and INSPIRING compilation !

Thanks to all who participated in the creation of this emotionally stirring video and special thanks to Doug Diamond who created the DVD, Lee Ann McAdoo of Infowars, Sean Stone of Watching the Hawks/RT Television and Marcia Pavlis who allowed us to feature their incredible work.

This DVD will be used to help raise funds for additional billboards so that we can continue to wake up the masses ! Additionally, it serves to educate and raise awareness of the issue, establishes legitimacy of cause, demonstrates that the problem is global in scale and creates solidarity among those individuals who are genuinely working without an agenda to see the spraying stopped !

WE MUST COME TOGETHER AS BLACKS AND WHITES, RICH AND POOR, DEMOCRATS AND REPUBLICANS and remind our controllers that WE have the capacity to “be our brother’s keeper” and show them that we are no longer going to stand for their divisive tactics.


We want to THANK everyone who has contributed and encourage others to do the same.  Each time we get to $1000.00 we can put up another billboard!  (Rest assured, ALL money collected will go directly towards the cost of the billboards…except for the fees taken by GoFundMe.)

YOU can be part of the solution…any dollar amount helps.  The future of humanity thanks you!

This “Stop the Spraying” billboard campaign is being spearheaded by Greg Pallen.

Greg ran for Congress in Georgia’s 4th district in 2012. While his run was not successful he gained quite a following and has made activism and education his number one priority, with geoengineering at the very top of his list.  Greg has been putting up billboards with his own money since 2011.  He has used this effective platform to raise awareness for Oathkeepers and InfoWars in addition to running numerous anti-geoengineering billboards.  Greg is also CEO of Pallen Enterprises, Inc., a manufacturer of construction products for nearly 30 years.

Greg is donating all of his time to this campaign as he believes that it truly is “the most important topic of our time”.  Learn more about Greg here…

We fight to save a future for our children; we owe our lives to them.  Please educate yourself and your loved ones at these pages that are truly dedicated to stopping this madness without a personal or hidden agenda.




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