CDC Employee Flips off Mother of Vaccine Damaged Son at Oct 14 2016 Rally

Atlanta GA – CDC rally against vaccine fraud,  CDC Employee Flips off Mother of Vaccine Damaged son.

Reported quotes from CDC employees responding to people protesting in front of CDC headquarters in Atlanta against the alleged corruption, fraud and cover-up by the agency regarding a study linking increased rates of autism in children who received the MMR (mumps, measles, rubella) vaccine and calling for CDC senior scientist and whistle blower Dr. William Thompson to testify before Congress…

“Get out of my way, stupid idiots.”

 “Your babies keep us employed.”
Huh. What can you say really. I mean, kind of says it all, right?

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3 thoughts on “CDC Employee Flips off Mother of Vaccine Damaged Son at Oct 14 2016 Rally

  1. Wow well done young lady, these evil scum have no respect for the working classes.

  2. Yes love this lady – total disrespect by CDC – they want a paycheck to kill your babies.

    CDC – FK you for complaining . They won’t vaccine their babies with this crap – oh I forgot the agenda is NO children – birth control – this guy is in video probably sterilized.

    NWO agenda – Psyop US abort your babies for ‘population’ birth control.

    NWO order discrediting the role of Mother, no breastfeeding, buy their crap formula instead and obey doctor, vaccines are safe

    Woman’s lib was a bankers psyop – Gloria Steinem CIA asset, so they can make more money on 2 income earners. Higher mortgages buy 2 cars, spend money on day care and destroying the US family.

    Taking down the US and bringing in immigrants who do not comply with NWO agenda and produce many babies.

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