Weather Weapons – Chemtrail Constituents – Blood Cells – DNA – Cross-Domain Bacteria – Synthetic Alien Biology

Fascinating interview with world-renowned geoengineering, independent researcher and founder of Carnicom Institute, Clifford Carnicom ( returns to Lost Arts Radio to get into more detail about the ingredients in geoengineering fallout from aerosol spraying.

Clifford discusses this covert program and samples sent for analysis to the US EPA. The EPA reply – “We would like to take this opportunity to inform you that it is not the policy of this office of the EPA to test or otherwise analyze any unsolicited samples of material or matter.”  Full text here

Chemtrails Sprayed With Impunity Means They Can Spray Bugs and Viruses Too


Clifford Carnicom: Geoengineering and Morgellons – Please consider donating the a real investigator, not a university paid dis-info agent – completely independent.

Weather Weapons – Chemtrail Constituents – Blood Cells – DNA – Cross-Domain Bacteria – Synthetic Alien Biology

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CI Morgellons Research Project Survey Data is Now Available

Cross-Domain Bacteria Isolation

Carpinteria Crystal

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We are excited to have Clifford return to the show, because he is a true scientist and humanitarian, working simply to discover as much of the truth as possible, and use the resulting information to benefit all of us. Since we last spoke with Clifford about a year ago, he has gone much farther with the investigation of airborne materials that should not be present in a clean atmosphere, and at the same time has begun collecting information from victims of Morgellon’s disease, laying the groundwork for discovering how these two bodies of knowledge fit together. We will also ask Clifford about a new social media website specifically for communication about these subjects, that the Carnicom Institute is just now launching.

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