Gardasil, Considered the Most Dangerous Vaccine May Soon be Pushed for Infants

Gardasil, Considered the Most Dangerous Vaccine May Soon be Pushed for Infants

November 23, 2016 by: Vicki Batts

(NaturalNews) Gardasil has been the subject of controversy for many years now. In fact, it has even been regarded as one of the most dangerous vaccines on the market today. Perhaps what is most alarming about this treacherous vaccine, however, is the fact that its manufacturer, Merck & Co, now wants to begin marketing their product to infants – and trials on babies have already begun. Merck recently launched a Gardasil vaccine trial on children at least one year old, and it’s set to conclude in early 2017.

You read that right. A pharmaceutical giant is testing a vaccine for an STD on babies. It doesn’t really get more corrupt and outrageous than that, now does it?

Gardasil was developed for the STD known as HPV, and was approved by the FDA in 2006. The disease did not become of concern until the 1980s, when research first suggested that there may be a link between HPV and cervical cancer. However, whether this link actually exists has been a major point of contention. There are several hypotheses that explain why HPV may not actually cause cancer, but one particularly interesting theory was expressed by McCormack et al in their paper published by the journal Molecular Cytogenetics in 2015. The research team also raised several significant questions about the prevailing theory on the connection between HPV and cervical cancer. For example, HPV is present in 70 to 80 percent of the American adult population, so why does cervical cancer only effect one out of ever 10,000 women?

According to their paper, neither HPV nor genetic predisposition is required for the onset of cervical cancer. In fact, all of the cervical cancer cells analyzed during the course of their study contained new abnormal karyotypes. The genetic makeup of these new abnormal karyotypes suggested that the cervical cancers originated within the karyotypes, and not from a virus. A karyotype is the size, number and shape of chromosomes within an organism. Their theory, called the Karyotypic Speciation Theory, essentially suggests that “carcinomas are generated de novo from cellular chromosomes, genes and proteins, which are not immunogenic in the host of origin (just like all other cancers).” As explains, in this theory, hypothetical cancer cells that are generated by viral proteins (such as HPV) would be eliminated by antiviral immunity.

So to put it simply, the researchers posit that these changes to cell chromosomes were occurring independent of viral stimuli (which would be HPV), rather than because of it — which in turn renders vaccination for such a thing relatively useless. notes that even after 25 years of research on HPV’s link to cancer, no definitive answers on how or why it causes cancer have been found.

While the link between HPV and cancer remains obscured, there is no shortage of evidence that the Gardasil vaccine does more harm than good. The vaccine has been linked to causing cervical cysts, crippling autoimmune diseases and even destroying women’s ovaries. Merck has even admitted that they “forgot” to see how a vaccine that was initially targeted at young women might effect a key component of their reproductive systems – their ovaries. Some have even died almost immediately following vaccination.

Despite the claims of safety being pushed out by the media, the medical industry and Big Pharma, the evidence that the Gardasil vaccine is a damaging injection continues to pile up. Even industry professionals have come forward to express their concerns. Dr. Dianne Harper, a leading HPV researcher that was involved in the approval of Gardasil, has cautioned, “Gardasil has been associated with at least as many serious adverse events as there are deaths from cervical cancer developing each year.”

Jabbing infants with this vaccine isn’t just unwarranted, it’s barbaric. If it wasn’t for independent research, and the bravery of those who speak out, the propaganda machine would continue to run unopposed and without consequence.


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3 thoughts on “Gardasil, Considered the Most Dangerous Vaccine May Soon be Pushed for Infants

  1. With this article…. because I have researched many hours on it for myself. ….. I whole-heartedly AGREE. There is NO reason to pump this shit into an infant….except for profit!!

  2. Are you joking
    That’s WAY BEYOND sickening.
    And I don’t like it every time I see this kind of articles on our side, never tells the bottom lie at all!! :O(

    Take a look at this chart that I got from GSK’s site which makes Cervarix (same with Gardasil) that has been killing and injuring so many girls and women.
    I added English so that you can read it fine.

    Above chart means 99.85% of people who get infected with so-called ‘high risk HPV’ simply get rid of it by their immune system without any treatment or medication!! And you call it a “cause of cervical cancer”?????

    So, that’s the bottom lie from the companies calling themselves CDC or FDA and so forth.
    Another COMPANY calling themselves ‘HHS’ is here,
    Save these images yourselves and tell others!!

    Also, it’s known that HPV gets transmitted via skin so it’s not just STD.
    They even found a baby/babies who got infected with HPV while their parents WEREN’T!!

    ALL LIES, folks.
    While HPV is so common, and if you get this shocking poisonous vaccines AFTER you were infected, the chance of you get to pre-cancerous stage INCREASES.

    You see that “-44.6%” there above?
    MINUS efficacy…
    That means your chance will increase by 44.6% with Gardasil, and with Cervarix
    32.5% UP!!

    There’s more about their LIES, such as the doctor who found HPV’s DNA in cancerous cells in patients back in 1983 and 1984 zua Hausen was awarded with the Nobel Prize in 2008, but KI doctors who chose him were getting money from pharma!!
    You can see more article images on this on

    And it seems to me any of these ‘truth seeker’ sites NEVER talk about these facts and I REALLY WONDER WHY. It’s like that movie VAXXED doesn’t touch the bottom lie = ALL VACCINES ARE JUST POISON as clearly indicated in “Illuminati — Secret Covenant”

    Would you get it if I tell you this?
    Edward Jenner was a Mason!!
    that they are SO PROUD of.

    Anyway, back about HPVV making people get cancer rather than prevent it, I know and/or know of tens of victims in Japan and unfortunately, some girls’ period stopped, and one I know seems to have gotten to that pre-cancerous stage most likely, because of HPVV she had 6 years ago.

    Anyhow, read through
    Stop fraudulent HPV vaccines!!
    How can I detox my son/daughter from this vaccine? – HEAVY METAL TOXINS – Reply to a father of an HPVV victim
    if you were already swindled to get these toxic shots or know somebody who has, and please tell others!!

    And we’ve gotta fight back against those traitorous fraudulent criminals to destroy the notorious NWO!! Just start refusing to give our power to them like I’ve been doing.

  3. Let the Cesspit that calls itself Big Pharma, take their own medicine. Let them take the POISON they want to murder our children with. These deranged psychopathic criminals are not there to preserve life they are there to follow Agenda 21, which means the depopulation of humanity and the premature death of our children. Microwave technology is forced on us so young girls will not be able to procreate later on as it destroys their ovaries and vaccines full of deadly poisons are being used to cause illness and death. Vaccines equal depopulation of our children. Let these scum get the comeuppance they deserve. Refuse their poisons and let these lethal Viruses self-destruct.

    The only way to be healthy is to not accept these psychopathic scum’s vaccines. People are stupid to allow their children to be vaccinated because information on these baby killers is everywhere. Where are their brains? They should stop making babies if they do not have the strength of character to stand up and say No to the vermin who are killing their kids. Why keep bringing them into a life of hell on this planet that is controlled by degenerate criminals.

    They have murdered 60 doctors. These degenerates are all in abuse of office and should be sent to the Hague and executed.

    The only place for Gardasil is up the rectums of the degenerates who are destroying us and our planet.

    Say No to it. You do not have to accept it. Tell them to go to hell.

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