Holistic Yoga Founder Likely Murdered In ‘Trail Of Blood’

Holistic Yoga Founder Likely Murdered In ‘Trail Of Blood’

The founder of CorePower Yoga was found dead under “suspicious circumstances” in a San Diego, Calif., home.

“Due to suspicious circumstances related to the death,” the case is being investigated by homicide detectives, the police said.

Trevor Tice believed that Yoga was a cure-all for many ailments, including weight loss. In fact, he popularly cured his own injury using yoga, which led him to open a chain of yoga studios around the country. He is credited for being the catalyst for the yoga movement in the United States. Yoga has, throughout its duration, been seen as a replacement therapy for many illnesses and injuries traditionally treated with pharmaceuticals.

1 thought on “Holistic Yoga Founder Likely Murdered In ‘Trail Of Blood’

  1. “suspicious circumstances” ?
    So many of them around, aren’t they.

    That Russian diplomat whose dead body found in his home, and NATO auditor also found dead in his car while a gun that didn’t belong to him was found in the glove compartment, and the case of a JP doctor I briefly told about in my article on Russian Ambassador drama,

    FALSE FLAG – Russian Ambassador assassination, hiding a murder of a Russian diplomat!?

    This doctor was a professor emeritus at Niigata University and wrote many books that we’ve gotta train our immune system and have it cure our illnesses. He said that his laboratory was messed (ransacked?) three times, and said “If I die suddenly, think I was killed” and he died suddenly. Go figure.

    HOW STUPID those evil criminals think we are!?
    It reminds me of the case, where they said that this guy killed himself though he had TWO SHOTS in his brain. What was his name?

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