Franken Skies – New Film

Matt Landman Excited to be reaching a completion point on my first feature length film, Franken Skies. For updates or if video is removed check out Matt Landman’s YouTube channel
Release Date: February 27, 2017


5 thoughts on “Franken Skies – New Film

  1. Let’s call this what it is, air pollution. Dumping the leftovers from coal fired power plants into the air for profit. Where have we seen this before? Dumping the leftovers from aluminum refining into our water supplies and saying it’s for the health of your teeth, how convenient is that? These people are spreading toxic garbage in the air we breath and the water we drink and we are paying them, we are paying them to pollute our air and water and we are paying them for the water they poison and the power they generate. What a win , win situation that is and what a dumb way to treat our home. If you crap in your own back yard long enough, you won’t have a back yard, you’ll have a yard full of crap.

    1. Must have been removed due to copyright issues is my guess. Updated and place a direct link to Matt’s channel. Thx for the heads up!!

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