Sun. Jan 26th, 2020

Western Medicine, Big Pharma, the Pusher Man, Killing Us Softly

Western Medicine, Big Pharma, the Pusher Man, Killing Us Softly

In this episode I speak with a man who left the military and became a pharmacist. He later stood up for cancer patients and was black-balled out of the drug pushing business of big pharma. This show is about average people talking about the state of the U.S. to include medicine or what we call medicine – and by the way, he also recognizes the false news cycle. THIS SHOW IS NOT MEDICAL ADVICE BUT POINTS OF VIEW OF THE MEDICAL SYSTEM. For the rest of the show go to where Daniel provides insight into the TNF marker scam, school children forced to take medical exams to participate in school sports.

Doctors Make Huge Bonuses for Vaccinating Your Child – Big Pharma No Liability for Injury!


Western Medicine, Big Pharma, the Pusher Man, Killing Us Softly


2 thoughts on “Western Medicine, Big Pharma, the Pusher Man, Killing Us Softly

  1. Excellent show!!
    I feel like Daniel – who was stunned and depressed to learn the moon landing was a hoax. I am stunned and depressed after an in depth investigation into the vaccine hoax. Andrew Moulden MD, PhD – “Shaken baby syndrome appears to often be a political crime created to cover for the damage often done by vaccination”. Parents in jail – one Father was pardoned – about to be executed – verdict over tuned on ‘junk science’, other siblings taken by the state because of ‘murderous’ parents, families destroyed.
    –Sudden Infant Death is vax damage. Death certificates for vax damage, Undetermined Cause. (CID 2015:61 (15 September) • VACCINES – “In a review of reports of death following vaccination submitted to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) from the early 1990s, the Institute of Medicine concluded that most were coincidental, not causally associated”).
    –Insurance company ‘Incentive’ for poisoning your children – NO BONUS if vax damage is reported. Page 15 of this document 2016-BCN-BCBSM-Incentive-Program-Booklet – “Can we trust any doctor with any intervention if they are getting kickbacks for using it? No. Can we trust doctors who get kickbacks and then abuse and humiliate and intimidate and coerce you to take their interventions that make them rich? Heck no.” Suzanne Humphries, MD
    –See the Vaxxed Movie Tour video play list of all the vax damage and destruction. Especially Colton who became paralyzed after 1 HPV Gardasil shot – at age 13 now has to be on respirator for the rest of his life. Doctors lying to parents, the fraud and corruption is beyond belief. Vaccines are so dangerous – and touted as ‘safe and effective’ that if you have a reaction, the docs say this is coincidental. Babies getting shots, seizing on the table, doc waits for seizure to stop then continues with the shots. Teenagers paralyzed by the HPV Gardasil area called ‘lazy’ by the vax doc because they can’t walk! MN doc says his practice loses $700,000 per year for NOT VACCINATING! Hear parent’s shocking testimony on playlist below from the Vaxxed Movie Tour:
    The vaccine goal is total destruction of the immune system from food allergies, dental cavities, blindness, guillain barre, cancer, other ‘mysterious diseases’, ‘genetic’ disease (new catch phrase for vax damage) and to create ‘customers’ for all the licensed health care fraudsters.
    History of Polio vaccine corruption – drug companies pushed by Government to create a Polio vaccine, discovered vaccines were contaminated Monkey cancer viruses (SMV-40). (These tormented Monkeys were purchased from the DOD who were used in bio-weapons research). Vaccinated 100 million children anyway to meet the Government deadline. Big Pharma’s rational was they would come up with a ‘cancer’ cure later. Polio vaccines = 15 cases of cancer for every 1 polio case. Source Judyth Vary Baker, cancer researcher.

  2. Posted to my facebook. Thanks for this interivew. I am 80 year old who does not use pharmacuticals which are not healthy for the body.

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