Robert Kennedy, Jr. met with President Elect Donald Trump today and has agreed to chair a one year commission on vaccine safety and scientific integrity. More news will come later to our members and followers on this important commission.

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2 thoughts on “Breaking News – Robert Kennedy, Jr. Met with President Elect Donald Trump Today – Vaccine Safety

  1. It sounds like a stall, in order to push forward some vaccines for the timeline, connected with frequency technologies.
    We all know now vaccines are bio weapons.
    We don’t need a years long study, maybe longer?
    All the Kennedy’s have surcomed to NWO.
    Even Caroline, she was made Ambassador to Japan, just before Fukashima was set off…radiation poisoning.
    Trump is underground Reich.

    5G technology, cell phones etc….are weapons through their antennas……Space Fence etc.

    Nano technology in chemtrails, food , vaccines, etc…..frequency related.

  2. Wow great news for the poisoned, enslaved peasants. Let us pray…..

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