Viruses, Bacteria In Electrospun Nanofibers Can Be Sprayed On Crops, Says Academia

Viruses, Bacteria In Electrospun Nanofibers Can Be Sprayed On Crops, Says Academia

Viruses, Bacteria In Electrospun Nanofibers Can Be Sprayed On Crops


By Cassius Kamarampi

(Era of Wisdom) (All sources can be found at the bottom of this article)

Academics from Israel, Spain, the US and other places have been writing papers about putting viruses, bacteria, drugs, and chemicals into electrospun nanofibers, which can be sprayed on crops, introduced to water supplies to treat the water, and be used to deliver medicine.

One notable academic figure involved in much of this research is Prof. Zussman, of Universität Bayreuth. Israeli academics appear to be prominently involved in this.

While these particular papers are not about biowarfare, could it explain why people report a plastic-like, electronic smelling odor in the air after noticing spraying in the skies? Could use of this technology be why people report illness after they smell that, and after witnessing chemtrails?

Though the papers are all about apparently benevolent things, about nitrogen fixing bacteria or cleaning the environment, put in the proper historical context almost every devastating act of mad science we have ever seen, has happened under the cloak of benevolence. Anyone familiar with the long history of biowarfare should cringe at this.

Why did they choose E. Coli and Staph to encapsulate in nanofibers? Another bacteria chosen was rhizobia, which adds nitrogen to the soil.

What is stopping us from being sprayed with bacteria, viruses, or chemicals encapsulated in nanofibers? They may be inhaled with little notice, potentially more effective at affecting us with little ability to observe them.

The concept of spraying nanoparticles of aluminum in the stratosphere to allegedly combat climate change is now well known: rain tests and common sense observation indicate aluminum, barium nanoparticles are already being sprayed on us, but the flu like symptoms and other observed effects after spraying have so far mostly been a mystery. Victims of the elusive Morgellon’s Disease have reported fibers and strange things coming out of their skin.

These academic papers were of course not talking about warfare, but this should put in perspective what possibilities we could face as people living under a regime that historically has engaged in biowarfare against its citizens over and over for decades: from the spraying of San Francisco in Operation Sea Spray to the mysterious spraying we’re being subject to now, which will probably be de-classified when it is too late several years from now, as was Operation Sea Spray.

There is no limit to warfare. This foreshadows a future of biowarfare, just like the construction of new biowarfare facility the “National Bio and Agro Defense Facility,” in Kansas.


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Prof. Zussman, Universität Bayreuth

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2 thoughts on “Viruses, Bacteria In Electrospun Nanofibers Can Be Sprayed On Crops, Says Academia

  1. DARPA and Global Corporations fund academia to develop items.
    Academia is told these products are for helping humanity.
    Some scientists believe it, others know better.
    Scientists look for fund to do their work.
    Universities look for funding.
    Some Universities actually product bio weapons under contract from agencies, ngos, and governments.
    The problem is that the technologies developed have dual use purposes.

    The big situation is the NWO….depopulation ……trans-humanism, and global governance.
    In essence Scientific Fascism is in control.

    1. DARPA = Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency – for those who do not know. Thx 🙂

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