Dr. Andrew Wakefield a Guest at Trump Inauguration

Andrew Wakefield was a guest at Trump Inauguration

Andrew Wakefield was a guest at Trump Inauguration

Andrew Wakefield was a guest at Trump Inauguration
Andrew Wakefield was a guest at Trump Inauguration

This never would have happened in a million years with any other career politician! This is really incredible! The odds of significant change regarding vaccine policy look very promising! Dr Wakefield is a great man and I hand it to Trump for inviting him!


6 thoughts on “Dr. Andrew Wakefield a Guest at Trump Inauguration

  1. There are some people who accuse Andrew Wakefield of “fraud”. Most of those people seem to parrot “Big Pharma” or the doctors who are essentially trained by BP.
    However, his work has raised awareness that there ARE problems; notably that a very high rate of kids with autism suffer from bowel disease which had never been addressed before by the medical profession.
    He is not ANTI-vaccination, but PRO- SAFE vaccines, which anybody in their right minds would applaud.
    The pharmaceutical companies world-wide, are among the wealthiest corporations, with the means and the power to dumb-down and sicken entire populations. If you think that is hogwash, you are living in a dream-world.
    It is the best interests of the Powers That Be to sicken us…. it increases their wealth and power!
    One of the best examples I can think of is Metformin, a long used drug prescribed to diabetics. Used long enough it will cause renal failure….. in some more quickly than in others. It was prescribed to me recently…I did my research…said NO WAY….and started a new diet regimen which is already – in the space of THREE WEEKS – showing a lowering of my blood glucose. I am NOT following the normal “diabetic diet”, but using information from Dr. Peter D’Adamo’s book “Eat Right 4 Your Type”. This man has been “debunked” as well. Yet his info for my blood type IS working to bring down my blood glucose level. I am not in total agreement with EVERYTHING he states, however, I can see many things he suggests are being beneficial for me.
    Everything anyone writes must be taken with a grain of salt….and we must learn to RESEARCH AND listen to our own bodies…because we are ALL chemically somewhat different. One drug or herb beneficial to one is sometimes harmful or neutral for another.
    Kindest Regards!

  2. Remember the nano components of vaccines.
    Multi -levels.

    Also the NWO is not over, as propaganda would have everyone believe.
    Everything that is happening is part of the agenda.
    All is infiltrated, including most people’s minds.

    The new style for the media will be like 1984….everything is happening to benefit humanity, but it isn’t even happening. Just a projection of truth and reality.

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