January 10, 2017

By Suzanne Maher

A Breeding Expert Discusses the Effects of Weather Warfare On Racing Pigeons

Thank you to Silvio Mattacchione for this older and very well researched article about the effects of electro magnetic frequencies and weather modification on racing pigeons, it is simply excellent.   Silvio breeds racing pigeons and is noticing some correlations of decline and the space fence that is now surrounding us. He goes in to great historical detail on how the planning and implementation of weather modification which has been going on for decades and first began in Russia.

Over the past three decades racing pigeon fanciers world wide have taken note of the fact that we seem to be losing more and more birds. Smashes occur not only in ill weather conditions but on days that one would not normally suspect a problem. Is it the proliferation of mobile telephone signals, sunspot activity causing disturbances in the magnetic fields of the earth, countless other explanations that have been put forward or possibly, some other explanation? Something more sinister, possibly? Weather manipulation perhaps? Weather warfare? You never know!

Read more http://www.silvio-co.com/pigeons/weather-warfare.htm

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