Federal Trial Begins for Amish Farmer Accused of Mislabeling Products – Herbal Salve

Federal Trial Begins for Amish Farmer Accused of Mislabeling Products - Herbal Salve

Another reason why the Food and Drug Administration should be abolished.  A 56-year-old Amish farmer is now facing time in a federal prison because he made a natural health product.

The FDA is trying to put Sam in jail for 58 YEARS for a labeling infraction.

Samuel Girod is the father of twelve and grandfather of 25.  He produces natural products in his own kitchen.  Since 2015, he has been facing a 12-count federal indictment.

Federal Trial Begins for Amish Farmer Accused of Mislabeling Products - Herbal Salve

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) – Court officials selected a jury and opening statements began in the trial of an Amish farmer who is accused of mislabeling products.

The charges against Samuel Girod include conspiracy, distributing misbranded drugs, and threatening a witness. A 2015 federal indictment said Girod sold a ‘Chickweed Salve’ that said ‘Cures Cancer’ on the label.


Girod’s troubles started back in 2013 when someone reported his products to the state health department in Missouri. A federal judge in Missouri ruled that FDA officials must complete inspections of the property where Girod made his products which is where Kentucky comes into play.

Girod makes his products on the family farm along Satterfield Lane in Bath County. The farm is home to Girod and his wife, along with their 12 children and 25 grandchildren.

The FDA requires anyone who manufactures a defined drug to register their facility with them. The Girod farm is not registered. According to the indictment, the FDA says their officers were prevented from conducting an inspection at the farm.

Girod is representing himself. He has many supporters gathered at the federal courthouse in Lexington for his trial.

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UPDATE from a friend of Samuel Girod:

Here’s how you can help-

1. We beg President Trump to issue an immediate pardon for Sam. Please sign this petition: http://bit.ly/freeamishsam. Sam’s trial is in 4 weeks.

2. An email to Trump could only help: https://www.whitehouse.gov/contact

3. We sincerely hope that Atty General Sessions will step in and stop this gov’t abuse. A quick email to him will help: https://www.justice.gov/contact-us

4. Call or email your legislators, all of them. Your U.S. Senators and House Reps as well as your state legislators, even if you don’t live in KY. Just do a search on your legislator’s name and you’ll find a phone number or email address.

5. Donate to Sam’s legal fees: https://www.gofundme.com/supportsamnow

7 thoughts on “Federal Trial Begins for Amish Farmer Accused of Mislabeling Products – Herbal Salve

  1. He needs a Common Law expert to represent him, not a BAR member attorney.
    The US courts are foreign controled courts,, that is why they have a flag with gold trim around it in the courtroom.
    Lawyers and judges are all on the same team, no license to practice law, just members of the foreign controled BAR.
    The US Corporation attacking the citizens of America.

  2. Those who are chemtrailing the USA, should be on trial, those working for Big Pharma who create vaccines to kill our children and make them dangerously ill should be on trial. The legal system is corrupt and the rule of law only applies to honest, decent individuals. Well its pointless having laws when the real criminals can duck and dive and do as they please. Where is the trial for the doctors who were murdered by Big Pharma for being good doctors? Psychopaths who hold public office must be FMRI scanned and removed and held to account for their crimes against humanity.

    All Big Pharma poisons should carry a Health Warning. They do not heal but they can kill. The people of America should be demanding the imprisonment of those creatures, the non-humans who are poisoning their drinking water and killing their children with wifi and rendering them infertile and producing still born births which are at a rate of almost 50% according to a leading expert on the dangers of microwave technology.

    Obviously his products work and Big Pharma is jealous. They are greedy bastards who cannot stand the thought of the populous buying natural products and not buying their not fit for consumption poison that they manufacture to kill us because a deluded idiot with no empathy has decided that we should be depopulated. The only depopulation that should occur is of the criminals who are poisoning us and those who are victimizing and gas-lighting and abusing innocent people.

    Those who have decided that we cannot say what remedies cure are in abuse of office. We must not be dictated to by greedy parasitic mass murdering psychopathic scum. They deliberately withhold cancer treatments and keep them for the elite, whilst everyone else dies off prematurely. Well this is not good enough. We want the treatments that work, not the poisons that kill. They terrorize doctors who cure cancer and kill them and trash their papers. This must not be tolerated. We want these dictatorial verminous scum out of our lives. They have no authority over us. The legal system is a scam. It cannot be trusted. O J Simpson was a clone and there was no murder because Nicole was a cloned tranny. The court case was a media circus to control people. Michael Jackson was a robotoid, manufactured to make the greedy Satanic Pharisees of the Music Industry richer. Those who have taken it upon themselves to be in control are psycho maniacs who should all be behind bars.

    FREE THE AMISH FARMER NOW! He should not be in prison. He has done nothing wrong. Those who manufacture vaccines and other poisons they call pills, should be removed and sent to the Hague charged with willful extermination of patients using dangerous poisons that are unfit for human consumption.

    This is not good enough. We want Justice for this poor man who has done nothing wrong.

  3. Anyhow, FDA is a company
    along with our so-called Governments and Governments’ bodies.

    Therefore, Samuel should demand them to show him a verifiable COUNTER evidence to say that they are real Governments/their boies, otherwise they are just COMPANIES as I told you many a time, therefore they have NO AUTHORITY to arrest him, detain him, ban him selling his goods etc.

    Lie’s SO BIG and many people can see it straight, but I’ve already challenged various FAKE authorities here, and they had NOTHING TO SHOW as a proof that they are our Governments/their bodies, incl court, police, sheriff and so on.

    Where can I find a real Samuel of age 56’s page to leave a comment and not blocked by FAKE Gov’s agent/s? If you know him, please convey above to him. Thanks!

    Oh, and of course, he SHOULDN’T attend any court hearing UNLESS they can show him a verifiable proof to say they are GENUINE court.

  4. There is a petition at bit.ly/freeamishsam — please sign and share. The goal is a presidential pardon which is Sam’s last hope. We tried a WH petition but it would not register signatures so we went to change.org. There are almost 20K signatures now!

    Thank you for sharing this story.

    He is using a Common Law defense. In a just America, he would be free. But the courts are dangerously corrupt and judges are actually ruling rather than upholding the Constitution. #freeamishsam

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